Music on a Wednesday

DWBLOGI haven’t written much on music the last couple days. I’ve been busy and haven’t had the proper time to discuss and reflect. Plus, this heat we’ve had this week has pretty much knocked me on my ass. So tonight I’m gonna talk about a couple albums I received from the UK courtesy of Death Waltz Recording Company.

Death Waltz is quickly becoming one of my favorite record labels. Not that I’m jammin’ to the House By The Cemetery and Halloween 2 soundtracks every night(or maybe I am), but it’s the care they put into these classic horror soundtracks that makes me love them and want to call them friend…or dear Uncle DW. They put these seemingly lost soundtracks to cult films from the 60s, 70s, and 80s that I grew up on into beautiful packages of colored vinyl and great re-imagined artwork. A lot of the time these soundtracks were the films saving grace.

A friend of mine and I went in on an order to Death Waltz together in order to save on shipping. That tactic worked out pretty well. I received the Zombi 2 soundtrack and the Let The Right One In soundtrack as well. Both were pleasant surprises, but Let The Right One In was the real gem of the two.

Now I’d seen the film and loved it. I even loved the American remake, but like most Swedish films, the American version just doesn’t capture the mood that a Swedish director can(thanks Ingmar Bergman). What I didn’t notice when I watched the film originally was the beautiful, melancholy, and moody score by Johan Söderqvist. It’s such a beautiful score, filled with recurring themes delivered with nuanced piano and lilting strings. It’s overwhelmingly emotional. If you close your eyes you can see and feel the crisp Swedish winter air.

Zombi 2 was also a surprise. I was expecting some of that cool analog synth stuff that those Italian composers are pretty awesome at, and while this did have its fair share of synth goodness, it’s really a very primal and rhythmic soundtrack. Lots of percussion and very Caribbean in sound. A good portion of the movie takes place on an island, so I guess that makes sense. Both soundtracks sound amazing, but Zombi 2 is actually at 45rpm, so it sounds even better.

Okay, that’s all I got. Well, that and an India Pale Ale that’s making me mellow out a bit. A good thing. Enjoy your Wednesday, folks.

DSC03734 DSC03735

10 Replies to “Music on a Wednesday”

    1. Absolutely. Death Waltz is putting out the Evil Dead remake soundtrack as well. Only available in the UK and Europe though. Suppose I’ll have to fly over for holiday and grab it. I’m sure my wife won’t mind.

      They’re releasing it on Halloween. Bonus.


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