New Music, New Brew…Friday Night!

photo (5)After an extremely long week Friday evening feels pretty damn good.  Groceries are bought and put away and there is beer in the freezer becoming extremely cold.  One of the local liquor stores has recently improved their craft beer selection tremendously.  I was overwhelmed at all the different varieties.  I think I started going into a panic attack once I saw twelve varieties of O’Grady’s Rotten Stein IPA and 8 varieties of Dirty Sanchez’ Holy Sock Stout.  After borrowing a paper sack from the counter and breathing into it for a couple minutes I calmed down.  I ended up with Boulevard Brewing Company’s Bully! Porter.  If you like porters, you’d love this.  Dark, complex, with a nice finish.  No “sandpaper on the tongue” roughness with this stuff.  And for $7.99 for a six-pack, you can’t beat it.

In the midst of grocery shopping I stopped to pick up a couple records from my local brick n’ mortar.  Baths’ Cerulean and and LCD Soundsystem’s Losing My Edge 12 in single.  If you’ve never listened to Baths you need to check them/him out.  Thanks to a fellow music lover, as well as cinema junkie and Stephen Malkmus worshiper Greg Locke over at for steering me in their general direction. Baths is Will Wiesenfeld and he makes electronic music that isn’t the typical electronic music.  If you’re familiar with Flying Lotus, Four Tet, and Modeselektor you have a starting point.  It’s that blippy, glitchy kind of electronic music snaps and crackles out of the speakers.  Every nuance and detail is put into graphic focus.  But it’s not just music, he’s a real songwriter.  He sings most of the time in a falsetto that hovers over the mix, creating this ghostly narrative that gives the songs an emotional heft.  The ‘electronic’ name tag doesn’t do him justice.  The truncated beats and blippy, almost hallucinogenic synth lines are merely the vehicle Wiesenfeld uses to deliver his personal songs to our ears.  Baths reminds me of artists like Youth Lagoon and that bands mastermind Trevor Powers.  It’s one guy telling extremely personal tales through technology.  Though they may not sound much alike, they’re both kindred spirits in my eyes.  Another artist that comes to mind is Mark Linkous.  His Sparklehorse records were at times lo fi sounding, but there were so many details to dig into.  He created his own world on his records and told his own broken, drugged-out stories through acoustic guitar, blasts of electric guitar, and his sometimes distorted/sometimes clear as a bell whisper of a voice.  He laid the groundwork for guys like Powers and Wiesenfeld.

So that’s what’s going on here.  That, and baling rain water out of my basement window.  F**k yeah, hello Friday.

photo (3)photo (4)

4 thoughts on “New Music, New Brew…Friday Night!

  1. Dang, sir, I am continually gobsmacked by your output. I scramble for once a week, and you grind out one a day. Maybe I’m drinking the wrong beer.
    Speaking of which, next time you’re voyaging the midwest, stop in the Twin Cities – the craft beer scene here is a thing to behold. It’s like Portland but sunny.


    1. Thanks. If you’re in the Twin Cities, I’m guessing you’ve got the right beer. This is my outlet to put all those thoughts no one in my house wants to hear out into the world. Thanks for reading those thoughts!

      I would LOVE to stop into the Twin Cities and explore the craft beer world there. It’s limited where I’m at, though it’s getting better. You’ll have to let me know some breweries you’re fond of and I’ll have to see if any are available in my neck of the woods. Porters and Stouts are favorites.


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