My Own Little Corner Of The World

DSC03689So here is where I go after a long day at work.  It’s also where  I go when I’m throwing on some tunes for the wife and I when it’s chill time in the evening.  When the moment calls for Coltrane, Davis, Monk, or Dolphy?  Yep, right here.  I’m entertaining and the moment requires a specific mood maker, such as Baths’ Obsidian, well I know where to go.  You feel like hearing Flight of the Conchords?  Hey, I got it covered right here on this 12 inch black circle I’m holding in my hands.  In my already comfortable four walls I call home, this is my “Zen Den”, if you will. This is my “happy place” inside my happy place.  This isn’t a hobby.  It’s a way of life.

As important as music is to me I felt that my vinyl and turntable needed to be displayed properly, so back in March I built(with the help of Papa Hubner…aka “Big Willy”) what you see my vinyl living in.  I’m close to needing vinyl home number three, but that’s for another day.  The shelves we built were perfect, and inspired by this guy.  With a desire to spruce up the vinyl I bought the wood, lacquer, and took to building like a madman.  Well, we got some new furniture which required some re-configuring in our living room.  This led to relocating the vinyl to a new home which led us here.  My wife mentioned the painting you see hanging and that it would be the perfect spot for it.  Indeed it was.  My good friend Jason Stephenson painted it for me a year ago for an album project.  The project never panned out, but I got this wonderful painting out of the whole thing.  Now it has a new home, and appropriately with the records.

Not sure why I needed to post this, but dammit I love my records.  I will talk about them any chance I get.  I guess this was that chance.

Happy Friday evening all.

The wife and I….happy about vinyl…and maybe vacation, too.

8 thoughts on “My Own Little Corner Of The World

      1. Oh, I knew which one you meant. Not sure where that meathead came from. Probably another one of those weird adult men that still play with Legos…oh wait, well, you know…umm…nevermind.


    1. My friend is insanely talented. Insanely. He did the artwork for four of the five Goodbyewave albums. The first one was a photo I took for my Senior year photography class.


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