“The Shape Returns”

John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies have unleashed the first piece from their soundtrack to David Gordon Green’s Halloween and it’s an eerie reminder of what made Carpenter’s original so chilling, seductive, and the iconic piece it has become. The track, aptly titled “The Shape Returns”, sounds like a microcosm of all the various […]

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Thom Yorke’s “Suspirium”

There’s been talk of a Suspiria remake for years now. At first I wasn’t really on board. Why mess with greatness? Dario Argento’s classic occult horror film set in a dance school truly felt like something not to be messed with. So original and dark, and with Goblin’s amazing score pushing it to the very […]

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A Fistful Of Dolarhyde

Growing up, there were two very important libraries in my life. The first was the Nappanee Public Library. This was not my local library, but it was where my grandma Hubner worked. Every week my dad would go over to visit my grandma and do whatever work needed done around the house. He’d pay her […]

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“Cold, Desolate, Neglected” : An Interview With Vi Res’ Michael Figucio

Australian-based musician and composer Michael Figucio works under the name Vi Res(short for Video Resolution.) Vi Res’ world is a mixture of cold synths, robotic rhythms, and slow-churning ambient soundscapes that feel like the score to some early 80s sci fi flick. There seems to be equal amounts of dread and tempered beauty with albums […]

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Vi Res : Vi Res

It seems as if Michael Figucio is on a roll. His musical project known as Vi Res released the excellent Cold Century onto the world less than a month ago, and now he’s dropped yet another full-length LP. After the darkly lit Century(with moments of light throughout), the self-titled Vi Res takes a turn into […]

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The Treehouse

A few months back I grabbed the soundtrack to a Belgian horror film called Cub. Not because I was particularly interested in the film(though I do plan on seeing it at some point), but because it was another film soundtrack by Zombi keyboardist/bassist Steve Moore. Moore has been making horror/progressive/futurist music with drummer Anthony Paterra […]

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Let me preface this post first by saying I have not seen David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows….yet. I have every intention of watching it as soon as I can. It’s been on my radar for nearly a year now and from everything I’ve read about it to the trailer I am more than excited to […]

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