Spoon : Hot Thoughts

It’s been over 20 years since their debut album Telephono was released in 1996, and they have done nothing but look forward ever since. I have no problem saying that Spoon have released some of my generations best rock records, and they’ve done it continually on their own terms. Through a major label fumble that […]

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Spoon :: They Want My Soul

As soon as the opening riff of “Rent I Pay” opens the new album from Spoon you know you’re in for a hell of a ride. With it’s Stones-y swagger and Britt Daniels’ vocals ripping through the speakers like razor blades it’s a pronouncement that Daniels and Eno have found that magic once again. Not […]

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I Turn My Camera On

Nothing like a fine Bully Porter to make the Friday evening even more perfect than a Friday evening normally is, am I right? This has been an extraordinarily long week at the spine factory, so this fine porter is well deserved. Not much to report here, other than the house is clean, food is bought, […]

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Spoon-Gimme Fiction

It was December of 2004 and it was a Saturday night.  The Christmas tree was up and lit and my wife and two daughters were asleep.  We were a mere two months away from the birth of my son.  I was up and kind of restless, so I decided to watch some tv.  I found […]

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