I Turn My Camera On

brittNothing like a fine Bully Porter to make the Friday evening even more perfect than a Friday evening normally is, am I right? This has been an extraordinarily long week at the spine factory, so this fine porter is well deserved.

Not much to report here, other than the house is clean, food is bought, beer is poured, and Spoon is spinning. Yes, the Austin, TX Spoon, not the Can song(thought that would be cool, too.) No, Spoon has been a favorite band of mine since I first heard them on Austin City Limits one December night back in 2004. I immediately purchased Girls Can Tell and Kill The Moonlight on Amazon after the broadcast was done. Five months later they released what I feel is their absolute, hands-down masterpiece Gimme Fiction. Now, a lot of folks would say that Kill The Moonlight was their hands-down masterpiece and I wouldn’t argue with them as it is a true blue classic of our time. But there’s something about hearing a band stretch their musical palette a bit and on Gimme Fiction Britt Daniel and Jim Eno -along with producer Mike McCarthy did just that. To my ears, this is an album that holds up to classic 70s beanbag albums. It’s the kind of record you’d put on in the basement after school back in 1975 and you’d drink your Faygo and smoke that sh*t you’d find in your big brother’s bedroom. Songs like “The Beast And Dragon, Adored”, “I Turn My Camera On”, and “My Mathematical Mind” are the kinds of songs you get completely lost in. They take you to some strange, far off place where Britt Daniel is your older pal. You two cruise the Austin parking lots looking for chicks in Britt’s 1972 Malibu, sharing tunes, tokes, and laughs. All I want to do when I hear a song like “Sister Jack” is drive in a car and sing as loud as I can. It’s a song that should’ve been a radio hit in some bizarrro universe. “I was in a drop-D metal band we called Requiem”. I get that sh*t, man.

I must admit that Spoon have an unfair advantage in regards to my absolute adoration of them. Back in April of 2008 the wife and I got to see them live at the Vic Theater in Chicago. It was -to this day- the best show we’ve ever seen. Spoon evoke this air of coolness and gravitas that no other band I’ve seen in my 40 years have ever shown. Effortless badassery. Daniel is the quintessential frontman, playing his Gibson ES-335 like a man on a mission. Jim Eno is one of the most underrated rock drummers working today. The guy isn’t flashy, he’s just solid and powerful. He’s like Charlie Watts on steroids. Rob Pope and Eric Harvey rounded out the quartet with bass and keys and created this live monster on stage. My wife and I were in awe. White Rabbits and The Walkmen opened the show and were amazing in their own right, but Spoon dominated the night. So, seeing them live and watching them make these songs come to life sealed the deal in regards to them becoming one of my absolute favorite bands.

When I started this blog, I wrote an essay about my top five albums of all time. This album was one of them. You can check out what I had to say about right here. If you’ve never heard this album(or this band for that matter) do yourself a favor and get to know this excellent band from Austin, Texas. But you MUST listen to this album. “I Summon You” is songwriting perfection if you ask me. You didn’t? Well, I’m telling you.

Enjoy your Friday evening.

7 thoughts on “I Turn My Camera On

  1. That song, “I Turn My Camera On” actually grabbed me in some clothing store and stalked me for years until, almost by accident, I discovered it was by Spoon. Now that was a wonderful light bulb moment!


  2. Kill the Moonlight is definitely the one I think will stand as their most impressive and “important” work. That said, Gimme Fiction is easily the one I find most enjoyable from top to bottom.


    1. Kill The Moonlight is the definitive indie rock classic. Poppy, arty, and rough around the edges. It’s pretty much bulletproof.

      But like you said, Gimme Fiction is so enjoyable to listen to. Side A is this endless stream of ear candy.


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