Voyag3r : War Mask

Detroit’s Voyag3r have steadily been building a reputation as one of the best progressive/heavy synth bands making music today. The trio, over the course of 6 years, have released a steady flow of sci-fi and horror-inspired albums that act as soundtracks to some lost B-movie from the late-70s or early-80s. Their blending of analog synth, […]

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Protomartyr : Relatives In Descent

The Motor City’s Protomartyr sound like modern harbingers of doom. Singer Joe Casey takes the podium front and center like a prophet telling us the secrets of our demise as a society in riddles, suggestions, and proclamations. Guitarist Greg Ahee blends melodic moments with outright blasts of contempt, while bassist Scott Davidson and drummer Alex […]

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Protomartyr : The Agent Intellect

Over the last fifteen years there have been many bands to emerge that wore the post-punk moniker proudly. That’s not to say they deserved to wear that moniker, mind you. That’s also not say they picked that moniker out themselves. It seems music critics(I’m not one as I don’t get invited to their soirees, nor […]

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