Cosmic Terrors and Happy Meals

When I was little our family would occasionally drive west 2 1/2 hours to Chicago for a weekend event. Be it the Brookfield Zoo, a White Sox game, the Science and Industry Museum, or the Field Museum. These were isolated events because my dad wasn’t a fan of Chicago traffic, so it had to be […]

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It’s been a couple rough days. I’ve been feeling the weight of the world pretty intensely. Anxiety has been hanging over me like a dark cloud, not giving me much space in my brain to think about music. It seems like every time I get online to get an update on the current militant state […]

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Worry Wart

I’ve always been a worrier. From the time I was a little kid I would dwell on the worst. If my parents went out for the evening and left my brother and I at home I’d start waiting behind the curtain over the picture window in the living room if they weren’t home by 9pm. […]

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Flags of My Father

It didn’t really dawn on me that my dad served in the military till about 7 years ago. I knew he served, but he was in the Army Reserves. For some stupid reason that didn’t register as military. As a kid it seemed more like some weekend camping trips he had attended before I was […]

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Run(Don’t Walk)

Thursday morning I decided to hit the pavement for a nice long walk. Sky was a mix of overcast and sun, which was occasionally peeking thru the steely gray. Made a “Long Walk” playlist on Spotify, topped my head with a beat-up ball cap, and hit the road. Figured I’d do my usual jaunt which […]

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Status Update

Seems lately my life consists of work, groceries, cooking, cleaning up, and going to bed. In-between those main activities there’s the occasional walk(when weather allows), listening to records, playing guitar, looking for interesting new shows to watch, and where I’m going to buy the weekend’s beer and which sort will it be. Reading, horror movies, […]

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Ooh La La

Maybe it’s the irony of life or the universe thumbing it’s nose at me, but with each passing day I’m truly feeling that expiration date on my existence getting closer and closer. Getting closer to death as we age isn’t ironic, but the fact I keep getting more content in life and happy within it […]

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