Not Enough Room In My Head

Sometimes it takes awhile for an album to find it’s rightful spot in my brain. It’s not necessarily a “grower” kind of album, as it may immediately be catchy and enjoyable, but sometimes there’s just not enough room in my head for those songs to live and breathe. Or maybe I may not be in […]

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South of Heaven…North of Kentucky

I can remember in those formative years of mine it was taboo to listen to Slayer. It was bad enough getting caught listening to something like Megadeth’s “Good Mourning, Black Friday” or Metallica’s “The Four Horsemen” by yourself in your bedroom with the lights off, your comforter draped over you like a cape while praying […]

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Follow Me Or Die

When I go back to those classic thrash albums of my painful and awkward teens I always have to bring up my older brother. If it weren’t for him I would’ve been stuck in the cycle of hair metal and 12 bar blues far longer than I should’ve been. His 6 years on me gave […]

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Just Got Lucky

Oh, the 80s. When men were men in tights and poofy hair. The guitar’s smooth lines turned jagged and their colors went from sunbursts and cherry red to hot pink and black with skull and crossbones. Some see these as dark times for hard rock and heavy metal. While it’s not a decade I revisit […]

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Taking It All Too Hard

I can remember for a good portion of my childhood (at least that portion that didn’t include a cassette player in my bedroom or in the car) that radio was my friendly companion. From driving from our home to my grandma’s house 30 miles away to just driving into town to get groceries or my […]

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Totally Wired

Growing up there were four guitarists that were always mentioned when it came to dudes that changed the game when it came to rock and roll guitar. Jimmy, Jimi, Eric, and Jeff. For those not in the know(and if you’re not, welcome. Glad to see you), that would be Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, […]

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A Song For All Of Us

Election week was a bit rough. Not only did we end up electing in, well, you know who, but we lost Leonard Cohen. A guy that I never truly explored but felt his reverberations through Jeff Buckley and his breathtaking cover of “Hallelujah”. Of course, I loved “Everybody Knows”, “If It Be Your Will”, “Suzanne”, […]

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