We Ask You To Ride

For a short week it’s been a loooong week. It always happens with having Mondays off. By Wednesday you’re like “Man, it’s Wednesday already! That’s great!”, then by Thursday you’re like “Jesus, it’s only Thursday?? What the hell, this week’s dragging, man!” It never fails. I haven’t had much time to put the digital pen […]

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The Spice of Life

It was nearly two years ago that I happened upon an article about Visions of Dune, an album by a mysterious artist named simply Z that was getting the reissue treatment. Now what caught my eye was that this album was a heavy synth concept album based on Frank Herbert’s Dune. The idea of a […]

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Speedwolves and Razor Hooves

Matt Pike should be crowned the King Hesher of Earth. The shirtless, stoned(formerly), drunk(formerly), and long-haired guitarist/singer of High On Fire is a force of nature. First off the guy is a monster on the guitar. Sure there’s dudes that shred in metal bands, but Pike has an ease of playing that feels almost savant-like. […]

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Kicking A Can Of Worms

Damn. I don’t know what it is about Metz that really gets me wired up and ready to take on an army of replicant Ninjas with laser eyes, but I feel 10 feet tall, part man/part machine, and all jagged indifference when I listen to them. There’s an anxiety-driven angst in their music that pushes […]

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No One Will Ever Love You

A couple of months ago I came across this great 12″ split by Antoni Maoivvi and a project called Slasher Film Festival Strategy. My friend John at Karma Records of Warsaw told me on Black Friday that he had this split arriving in the afternoon and that he thought I’d really dig it. I had […]

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Out There

Eric Dolphy’s Out There was one of the first albums I bought when I began collecting vinyl. It was in October of 2008 and my wife and I spent a Saturday evening in Chicago. We were there originally to see My Morning Jacket at the Auditorium Theater but singer Jim James had taken a stumble […]

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A Chance To Cut Is A Chance To Kill

Ever since Mondo and Death Waltz Recording Company have joined forces like some sort of mighty Voltron-like super hero, spreading incredible soundtracks across the world, I feel I’ve become an addict. Yes, I was hooked even before this merger of horror vinyl Gods, but now it’s just getting ridiculous. Oh well. Admitting you have a […]

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