Hello From Wherever This Is


Yeah, I’ve been a little absent this week. Call it mental fatigue, preoccupation, or just a lack of hard drive space in the brain to sit and write, I just haven’t been in the right place to expound on albums or tell more Midwest tales of growing up.

Sometimes things happen and you start to reevaluate the importance of things in your life. You take stock of what you have and look at it with new eyes and newfound love and appreciation. That same ‘Groundhog Day’ mentality and hamster wheel run in place is shown to you in a new light and you decide it’s time to shake things up and put more emphasis on what’s really important; mental health, physical health, and those that mean the most to you become all that matters.

I suppose that’s where I’ve been this week.

I’m fine, as is my family. But something did happen last week that has caused us all to think twice about taking for granted what we think we know. It’s not my place to say because it’s not my story to tell. I’ll just say that if you’re struggling mentally and emotionally there are people who want to help you. You are loved and you are worthy of that love.

I know it’s hard to ask for help. I’m a pretty stubborn fool sometimes when it comes to asking for help, but I’ve learned over the years it’s best to concede to what you’re struggling with and get a second opinion. Take the hand that is offered, pick someone else’s brain that might just have the solution you’re looking for, or just open up to someone about what’s going on. You’d be surprised at what just talking things out can do.

There’s some half-written pieces that will see the light of day next week I’m sure. For now I’ve been walking three to four miles a day, as well as doing some strength training. I bought these resistance bands a couple years ago and didn’t really do much with them. I dug them out of a cabinet and have put them to good use. When working out with one of those bands with 50 lb resistance you don’t think it’s doing much. Well I’m here to tell you they are doing a whole lot. I’m sore, but in a good way.

My best friend and I are going to southern Indiana at the end of July, renting a cabin, and we’ll be hitting trails in Brown County State Park. Neither of us want to be the slacker so we’re both trying to lose some weight and get in shape beforehand. It feels good to be sore, as strange as that sounds. It’s the sign you’re waking your body up from a long, lazy nap. My back, forearms, and shoulders are most definitely awake.

Besides the exercise, I’ve just had a bunch of starts and stops writing. Most of the stories I want to tell are being sidetracked by the now. By being in the present and trying to make sense of it.

Again, the family and I are okay. But sometimes something happens in your emotional atmosphere that requires some serious contemplation. That’s where we’re at right now. My attention is at offering that helping hand to someone who needs it. Plans are in place.

So hello from wherever this is. I hope you’re doing fine. If not, I hope you’re working on yourself. Or you’re at least asking for help.

See you soon.

2 thoughts on “Hello From Wherever This Is

  1. To anyone…take this post as a gentle nudge to talk to someone..even if it is a stranger who is non judgemental..if you are going through any mental or emotional issues…
    Thank you for telling us that it is better to take help than to trying to remain strong without any help..

    Have fun getting ready for the hike…and do let us know how did the journey go…

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