Phaseshifter : Music For Cosmic Connection

The Komische vibes are strong in Philly, at least according to heavy synth artist Phaseshifter, who hails from the city of brotherly love. I don’t know much about Phaseshifter, other than he’s one man and many synthesizers creating heady, dense, and decidedly cosmic music to zone out to. If you’re familiar with names like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Berlin School, then this new Phaseshifter album, titled Music For Cosmic Connection, is going to feel like coming home.

That is, if your home is drifting somewhere between Alpha Centauri and Beta Centauri.

Music For Cosmic Connection is a classic basement zone out record. Drop the needle on this 2-track deep dive, light some incense(an earthy Yankee Candle would do too if you don’t dig the incense trip), drop into the oversized bean bag, and take the ride Phaseshifter is offering. The album is 2 extended tracks covering side A and B, “At The Threshold of the Endless Beyond” and “An Island In The Sea Of Time”. Each run over 15 minutes in length and have distinctive sonic trips. But both want you to drop into their circuital worlds and soak in the view from their cosmic expanse.

“At The Threshold of the Endless Beyond” opens ominously, with a pulsating buzzing core as darkly melodic lines emanate from beyond. Besides the early stoned-out vibes of those Tangerine Dream Reims Cinema Opera gigs, Phaseshifter is locking into modern synth masters like Zombi and Sinoia Caves. I get some serious The Enchanter Persuaded feels on this excellent track. Phaseshifter proves that sometimes the “less is more” motto is true. Slow builds, dark melody, and a touch of dread just under the surface goes a long way.

“An Island In The Sea Of Time” is side B’s heady trip, and what a trip it is. 20 minutes of pure sonic bliss; exaltations from the cosmos, reaching down into oneself and finding that hidden light under the darkness. There’s a buoyancy to this piece that feels like the yang to side A’s ying. There’s a feeling of going full circle here, where we started in the blackness of space we’ve now entered a kind of contentment in the void. Succumbing to what we can’t control and embracing what we can, which sounds like enlightenment to me.

SFI Recording continues to release forward-thinking, heady, and meditative musical works into the world. Phaseshifter is yet another volume in the growing library. You can find it under ‘M’, for Music For Cosmic Connection. No return date, we just ask you make the most of the sonic journey. –J Hubner

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