Wojciech Golczewski : Inert

Polish film score composer Wojciech Golczewski has made a reputation for himself as a director’s secret weapon. His scores add a depth and emotional component to the films he works on, building sonic worlds with analog sound that bring you into that cinematic landscape organically. Beyond The Gates, Tonight She Comes, We Are Still Here, Mohawk, and 400 Days are all next level scores.

But Golczewski has released original works under his own name as well. Reality Check, End Of Transmission, MonoLogs, and The Priests of Hiroshima to name a few, and all gorgeously created and curated using analog synths. Melodic, melancholy, and retro-futuristic albums that show his depth and compositional prowess.

Wojciech’s latest album is a turn into the ambient sound world, and according to Golczewski himself his most personal album to date. Inert is indeed an ambient sound world, but still retains Wojciech Golczewski’s deft melodic touches, which gives the record a sense of space; a widescreen swath of aural landscapes and emotional pondering on the edge of the universe.

Even under the hazy drones and undercurrent of mild sonic dread of album opener “How Long Had I Been Back”, this still feels very much like maestro Wojciech Golczewski. There’s tension in the hazy electronics, but also a feeling of sudden awareness to the world around you. Whether a space traveler waking from light years of hyper sleep or just the sudden realization you’ve been sleepwalking through your own life, there’s a grand vastness to the track. “Complete Shutdown” sounds as if Edgar Froese and Jean-Michel Jarre found a middle ground between walls of sonic drones and the emotion of melodic melancholy.

There are more subtle moments here as well, like the slow build of “Low Light” and the wobbly sunset beauty of “The Split Of A Second”. Both of these still carry with them the weight of longer, heavier pieces but pull you in with a much more subtle brilliance.

There’s a heaviness to Inert. Even the song titles feel like metaphors for some existential crisis. “Wrong About Everything”, “Speaking Silence”, and album closer “How Long Had I Been Gone” all ring with a kind of deep-hearted pondering disguised with the feeling of a dystopian/sci-fi narrative. It’s the kind of album you fall into and see what works out of you emotionally and mentally. It’s an electric and emotional exorcism.

Wojciech Golczewski’s turn into ambient music is as emotionally and intellectually visceral as anything he’s done. Vast and atmospheric while still subtly hitting on an emotional level, Inert is a standout in an already shining body of work.

Inert’ is out now via Data Airlines. Buy it here.

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