WAtch Sparkle Teeth Perform “Slack” Live

If you’ve been hanging around here for a bit then you probably know the name Sparkle Teeth. And Dan Kinnaley. I’ve been talking this guy up for a bit now. Dan makes music as Sparkle Teeth. It’s a solo project he really locked into last year during the pandemic(you know, the one we’re still dealing with right now?) Anyways, Dan also got into building his home studio heavily as well. He’s now almost up and running with his newly built studio and I gotta say from the pics it looks pretty stellar.

As far as Sparkle Teeth goes, Dan released his 4-song debut at the beginning of summer and it’s a great shot of early 90s indie rock(think Polvo, Archers of Loaf, Dino Jr) with the modern post-punk leanings of Protomartyr and Preoccupations. The songs are tight, heavy, catchy, and even dreamy(if you dream loud, that is.)

With the world still being pretty messed up(people protesting at schools because masks are mandated for everyone’s health…yep, messed up), the live shows are few and far between. Dan got some of his good friends and talented musicians together and they shot a live performance of the EP track “Slack” at the Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It was early in the day while the bar was closed. With no patrons, the live Sparkle Teeth outfit recorded an intimate and bristling with life performance.

Performing “Slack” with Kinnaley are Elizabeth Helms on keys, Nicholas Burks on lead guitar, Ian Haas on bass, and Dan Arnos on drums. The video was shot by Bambie Guthrie, and the performance was engineered by John Ptak. Will Duff mastered the performance. Dan mixed the performance and of course wrote the song.

Give the video a look below, and then grab the Sparkle Teeth EP here.

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