Complex Distractions Presents : Long Story Short

I get to hear a lot of great music. So much great music I don’t always have the time to write in-depth reviews for everything. So in order to continue to share the musical love I’m going to start these ‘Long Story Short’ spots once every week or two. I’ll share four or five thoughts on different albums I think you should give a listen to.

I’ll still be writing long form reviews, of course. This just gives me a chance to share more music in a more timely manner. So without further adieu, welcome to Long Story Short.

Charlatan : The Glass Borders

Another stellar mind blower from the mighty Moon Glyph Records, this time it’s Charlatan’s The Glass Borders. Charlatan is the solo synth/ambient project of Brad Rose, a musician well known in the experimental and DIY music scene. The Glass Borders deep dives into hazy synth and electronics, sporting the gorgeous and free-floating opener “All Your Gifts Are Weightless”. Over 25 minutes of spatial sounds and hazy melodies, Rose takes us on a sonic excursion of the highest order. Out now on Moon Glyph Records.

Cat Temper : Kitty Hate Machine

Mike Langlie’s music project Cat Temper is a wild electronic world. One with exquisite production, far-out arrangements, and yes, plenty of cat puns. But don’t let that fool you, the man knows how to put a song together. On his latest, the NIN-inspired Kitty Hate Machine, Langlie takes Cat Temper into darker, headier realms. Buzzing guitars, industrial drums, and chaotic synths build a world of dark intentions. Think 8-bit industrial music for some SNES game inspired by The Downward Spiral. The song titles are worth the price of admission alone; “Starfluffers, Inc”, “The Paw That Feeds”, “Shed Like A Hole”, “Pet You Like An Animal”, these are gold. Give Cat Temper’s Kitty Hate Machine. Leave the cat nip in the car.

Splash ’96 : Summer In Anniston

Listening to Summer In Anniston I’m sort of perplexed. There’s a very cheesy, canned quality to this ode to late 80s/early 90s synth pop. It sounds like music you would’ve heard in the background of some cable access commercial for a suburban mall. A place that’d have a Hot Sam and Orange Julius stand in the food court, and a Chess King and Musicland for your clothing and music needs. Despite it’s Casio synth quality, there’s an earnestness there. I’m kind of comforted listening to this album. It’s a very personal album it seems, with songs like “Our Camcorder”, “The Video Store”, and “Quintard Cruisin”, it feels like a look inside Splash ’96’s Jason LaRay Keener’s childhood. “Waterbed Nap” and “Splurgin’ At The Mall” feel like they were pulled from his life, so I find that very bittersweet. Summer In Anniston is out now.

Chris Polcyn : Facets

Chris Polcyn returns with his sophomore release Facets on the great Holodeck Records. Polcyn continues to hone and perfect his brand of melodic hard electro. Combining house, ambient, and dance floor excursions with deft arrangements and almost bittersweet melodies, Chris Polcyn makes a stunning record of heavy hitting beats and mature sound. Facets is out now.

Future Museums : Pre-Form

Another Holodeck alum released an album of exquisite Komische and ethereal new age back in March. Neil Lord(Thousand Foot Whale Claw, Single Lash) has been releasing amazing work as Future Museums for years now, and his latest Pre-Form ebbs and flows beautifully between dreamy sounds and uplifting vibes. “Peace Guppy”, “Rabbit In Passing”, and “11 11” all build moods of great tranquility while still communicating the heaviness of the world around us. Another stunner from Neil Lord and Future Museums. Pre-Form is out now.

3 thoughts on “Complex Distractions Presents : Long Story Short

  1. Man, I feel this. I have attempted brevity many times, and am still perfecting it. And it’s all because we hear so much music and the list of To Be Reviewed grows so long that it’s impossible. Also, I might be lazy, somewhat. But since it’s just a free site and a few people read it, I learned to get shorter and tighter. Mike’s 200 word challenge was fun, then the 80 word challenge too. Now I cough up a couple of lines! Man, I feel this. I really do. Good on ya for covering more and getting ‘er done!

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