SOMAFREE INSTITUTE Premiere “Orbital Resonance” Video; ‘Vertical Helix Scan(2020)’ Out Today

Synth/drum trio SOMAFREE INSTITUTE is dropping a newly recorded, remastered, and re-imagined version of their 2018 EP today. This time it’s coming on colored vinyl via the band and Two Headed Dog.

Vertical Helix Scan(2020) is a drop into spaced-out synth and sci-fi prog in the vein of Zombi, Majeure, Voyag3r, and early 80s Tangerine Dream. The band, which consists of Andrew Crawshaw(Synthesizers & Programming), Justin Thomas Kleine(Synthesizers), and Tim Call(Drums), lock into deep space drifts and dystopian electro doom to create a dizzying sound world where analog synth set controls for the heart of the sun.

In celebration of the EP release, Andrew Crawshaw has created a video for album track “Orbital Resonance”. The glitchy, VHS-inspired video locks into the vintage vibes the band creates the old-fashioned way: they play them. The kinetic rhythm, propulsive synths, and early 80s electro drive are the perfect entry point into the world of Vertical Helix Scan(2020). The visuals here pull us into the sci fi narrative while still keeping things dizzying and a bit off kilter. I suppose how zooming thru space uncontrollably in a space suit would be like.

Here’s more info on Vertical Helix Scan:

– Mixed by Jesse Gander @ Rain City Recorders 
– Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audio Siege (Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, SUNN0))), Mournful Congregation)
– Edition of 200x Black Vinyl / 100x Purple and Black Cosmic Swirl Vinyl
– Comes in a screenprinted jacket, colored vinyl exclusive edition jacket is printed on holographic rainbow foil
– includes download code and a poster in the exclusive edition

Watch the video for “Orbital Resonance” below. ‘Vertical Helix Scan(2020)’ is out today. Hit up Bandcamp to grab a copy.

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