Daniel Lopatin Returns With Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

Oneohtrix Point Never came into my life at just the right time. 2013 saw the release of Warp Records debut R Plus Seven and also saw me fall heavily for Daniel Lopatin’s musical world. I deep-dived most of 2014 through his early albums and could not get enough of his psychedelic ambient and drone-y synth worlds on albums like Betrayed In The Octagon, Russian Mind, Drawn and Quartered, and Returnal. Everything I could find I would heartily devour and want more. Replica, Garden of Delete and Age Of saw Lopatin reaching for different sounds and sonic realms, while Good Time and Uncut Gems saw him scoring incredible films for the Safdie Brothers. Daniel Lopatin is a renaissance artist, constantly evolving and re-inventing himself each time he puts an album out.

As lousy as 2020 has been overall, musically it has been amazing. And since we can add a new Oneohtrix Point Never album to the list of 2020 accomplishments we might be on our way to an upswing.

On October 30th Oneohtrix Point Never will release Magic Oneohtrix Point Never, Lopatin’s newest album with Warp Records. It’s named after a misheard play on words of Boston radio station 106.7. This record is sort of a homage to radio listening, and according to the label’s press release “”loosely summons the broadcasting logic of radio dayparts, starting in the morning and ending overnight.”

So Daniel Lopatin acting as our sort of ethereal DJ for the course of 17 tracks? Count me in.

I don’t know what to expect with this new OPN album, but I’m ready for it. Listen to “Long Road Home” and get excited for Magic Oneohtrix Point Never. 

2 thoughts on “Daniel Lopatin Returns With Magic Oneohtrix Point Never

    1. I bet that was Rifts. I think it was a collection of his early records. Still some of my favorite OPN albums.

      That cover is crazy. And if you haven’t checked out his scores for Good Time and Uncut Gems, I highly recommend them.


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