Shortwave Broadcaster Drops The Cinematic “Why Now”

At the end of last month Shortwave Broadcaster, aka Keith Canisius Baerken, dropped the debut album Afraid of Ai. That album was songs of heavily-effected guitar that unfolded slowly into exquisite ambient journeys. Songs both as long form epic and shorter bursts of melody, the five pieces came together to make one tranquil shot of sonic experimentation.

Now three weeks later Shortwave Broadcaster returns with a new single, the cinematic piece “Why now”. On “Why now” the music is less an impressionistic swirl of layered guitar and more cathartic and visceral. It sounds like something the late Johann Johannsson might’ve composed for film. The stuttering rhythm and flute-like highs makes this piece feel effervescent, like the rays of the sun reaching thru the darkness of space. You can almost feel the pull of space and time as this track of light and optimism plays.

“Why now” was inspired by two viewings of Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar back in 2014. A Farfisa Compact organ was used, which gives this song an almost Terry Riley vibe. It’s quite unique from what we’ve heard previously, and a very promising step into new sonic territory for Shortwave Broadcaster.

Listen to the track below. You can download “Why now” here

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