It’s Friday! Go Listen To Zombi’s “No Damage”

We’re a week away from Zombi’s new album 2020 being released. July 17th is the day I’ve been waiting for since I first heard of this album’s release back in April or May. Back when the pandemic and isolation was fresh and ouchy. By this point a hard, ugly scab has formed and it’s all become old hat. I’ll occasionally pick at that scab, hoping to remove it and be free of that mess of dried blood and healing skin, only to reveal much healing to be done yet. Cover it in salve, put a band-aid on it, and leave it be.

Anyways, there’s still a week to wait for Steve Moore and AE Paterra’s next masterclass in drum/bass/guitar/synth prog doom grooves, but you can get another taste of what could very well be there best and most ambitious record yet with the excellent “No Damage”.

Not sure I’ve ever used the word “growl-y” to describe a Zombi track, but man is this song growl-y. Other ways I’d describe it are dirge-y, cosmic metal, galactic grunge, and just plain heavy as f*ck. This track’s foundation is Paterra’s steady-as-she-goes rhythm, a Sabbath-like guitar chug, and an ethereal synth that seems to elevate the Iommi-esque riff into deep space. It’s short and sweet, but there’s no messing around. It gets right to the bloody, meaty center as soon as the track starts rolling and doesn’t relent till the fade-out.

So that’s it, kids. 2020 is out next Friday. Hit up the tracks that are live and ready to blow your mind. In-particular give “No Damage” a whirl and give your Friday the cosmic metal it needs. And for God’s sake, stop picking at that scab. You’re gonna give yourself a scar.

If you haven’t yet, preorder 2020 here. 

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