Vlimmer & Phantoms vs Fire’s “Zweitanlauf”

Not much to report as I’m in the midst of a Doctor Sleep write-up which should drop tomorrow. In the meantime you should head over to Cold Transmission’s Bandcamp page and check out their newest compilation. Zeitgeist Vol. 11 is a smorgasbord of dark wave, post-punk, and grey-sky electro pop that is the perfect mix of dreary, overcast vibes sure to make a dreary, overcast day like today pop.

One of the highlights is the collaboration between post-punk Goth lord Vlimmer and forward-thinking electronic artist Phantoms vs Fire. Their track “Zweitanlauf” has the breadth of classic Depeche Mode and Bauhaus with the shimmering production of some futurist sonic wizard. Both Vlimmer(aka Alexander Donat) and Phantoms vs Fire(aka Thiago Desant) are studio masters on their own, putting out music on a prolific level. Together, they create a wondrous, shadowy sound that tows the line between classic 80s electronic, the darker realms of labels like 4AD, Sire, and Wax Trax, and the modern feel of the Soft Moon.

Grab the compilation here, and check out the Vlimmer/Phantoms vs Fire track below.



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