Blood & Guts & Soundtracks On Vinyl

Not much to report here today. There’s lots of things simmering on low heat at the moment, getting all the flavors just right. It’ll be a big week next week, so tune in. Besides gorging my brain on the MCU at the cinema tomorrow, I’m going to take the weekend and deep dive into Blood On Black Wax : Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl by Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas.

Blood On Black Wax was a RSD 2019 drop that was pretty limited, at least in my neck of the woods. It was one that I was super excited to snag as horror soundtracks on vinyl are sort of my bread and butter. From Carpenter scores to Goblin, Fabio Frizzi, and countless others old and new, the horror movie soundtrack has been a staple of my music diet since I first felt chills down my spine as I watched Phantasm at midnight when I was waaaay too young to be watching it. From Giallo to 80s slasher to sci-fi to dystopian future world B-movies, the soundtrack was as integral part of the experience as the blood, gore, thrills, chills, and boob shots.

So my local shop didn’t get any copies on RSD, which I was pretty bummed. I did see that hope was not lost as a retail copy will be available on 5/13(without the bonus 7 inch.) Still, I knew I could at least have the book. Then my local record guy tells me one of his distributors has 3 copies of the RSD limited edition version(with the bonus 7 inch.) Praise the horror Gods!

So here I am, ready to deep dive. I’ll fill you in when I’m done, but until then make sure you grab a copy of Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas’ labor of love, Blood On Black Wax : Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl when it’s available on 5/13.

Have a great weekend.

8 thoughts on “Blood & Guts & Soundtracks On Vinyl

  1. Couldn’t agree more about Phantasm. It remains a bonafide, flawed masterpiece. From my first viewing of the commercial trailer when I was about 9 years old, I was hooked. Several decades later it still remains a firm favorite & the soundtrack in itself is unique classic of its time & beyond. This, Salem’s Lot & Herzog’s Noferatu homage set the stage for my musical & narrative pursuits 🙂

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      1. Same. Although it missed alot of the fear of the novel Hooper’s screen vision scared the pants off several generations. It’s littered with classy moments, creepy OST & some superb casting. ‘ Bedroom window scene’, ‘Barlow jail cell scene’… need I continue. Legendary gear!

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      2. Exactly. The film was great for a tv film, but didn’t flesh Barlow out nearly as much as the book did. When I read the book in my teens it scared me far worse than the movie.


      3. Always had the impression that readers of the novel were left tortured by similar disappointment. Barlow is such a monumental character but I think Hooper managed the process well bearing in mind the studio paper trail obstacles he likely had to deal with. Similar evidence with Poltergeist. If that had been left to Spielberg… OMG… dare we even imagine?!

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      4. I agree completely. Sounds like Spielberg was pretty hands-on as it was in regards to Poltergeist. At least Hooper was able to inject some honest scares in it. His deft touches certainly made it the film we still talk about.

        I’ve heard rumors that James Wan is adapting Salem’s Lot into to a film next year. If anything, I’m intrigued.


      5. I’m also intrigued but sceptical. If it works he’ll really bring it home 🏡 if not it could be really forgettable, like the existing sequel efforts. But Reggie Nalder’s Barlow will haunt nightmares for generations to come either way!

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