ADIR L.C. Readying New LP ‘Basket Star’; Check out “Reacting” Video

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter ADIR L.C. is readying a new LP called Basket Star dropping May 17th on Birdwatcher Records. It’s the first record he’s released since the 2015 LP Oceanside Cities. Two singles have been released so far, the rambunctious and horn-filled “Reacting” and the more restrained and introspective “Big Bad”.

With “Reacting”, imagine Beirut and Neutral Milk Hotel getting rowdy with Monsters of Folk. If you do, then you’re in the ball park. With “Big Bad” there’s a darker hue; a mixture of David Bazan self-pointed lyrics and acoustic guitar but with bigger production aspirations. The song blows up into brass and splashy drums as ADIR L.C. sings “I’m the big bad wolf in the corner/Creeps into my bed, keeps me wide awake/ Yeah I’m the big bad wolf when I want to be/Always subconsciously, never a good thing” over an escalating rhythm.

ADIR L.C. has one of those voices that could be singing an Applebee’s menu and it would still sound profound. Fortunately what he is singing is profound and relatable; a tome on the human condition and what it is to be alive and hurting these days. With excellent musicians and warm production, everything comes together for an engaging listen.

Basket Star drops May 17th on Birdwatcher Records. Check out the video for “Reacting” below, and preorder the digital album or limited edition cassette here.

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