Shamrock Shakes

Happy Halloween, folks. If you’re in a different time zone or on a different continent maybe you’re already handing out candy. Maybe you’re in a costume yourself hitting the hard cider a little too hard for a weeknight. Either way, here’s to you and that poor man’s Savini makeup effect you’re touting.

I don’t have much today. Just wanted to say have a great All Hallow’s Eve. It’s kind of hard to when the 31st falls in the week. My favorite Halloweens were always the Friday and Saturday variety. There was nothing quite like hitting the streets like a prepubescent Frankenstein or C3-PO and snagging a paper grocery bag full of candy in a little over an hour. Then heading back home to count the loot. After giving all the candy I hated to my dad I’d enjoy a few confections and then figure out what was going to be playing that night. Hopefully something good like Motel Hell, Humanoids From The Deep, Blood Beach, or Howard Hawks’ The Thing. Occasionally I’d get lucky and Halloween would be on, but those ghoulish stars rarely aligned.

Speaking of Halloween, one of my least favorite in the Michael Myers canon was, not surprisingly, the one Michael Myers wasn’t even in. Halloween III : Season of  the Witch was the outlier in the collection as it had nothing to do with Michael Myers. It was instead about a mad scientist that created masks that would turn kids into maggot-infested corpses if they were wearing them just as a crazy commercial would play on TV as they sat and watched. The story was ludicrous and the acting was pretty bad. The mad scientist looked like Herbert Lom in full-on crazy Inspector Dreyfuss mode, while the protagonist was played by Tom Atkins in total “what the hell am I doing?” mode. Like he did in The Fog, he plays a 40-something year old man hooking up with a girl that is old enough to be his granddaughter, so the story relies on the heroism of a dirty, middle-aged man and his various stays in sleazy hotels.

I watched this not that long ago after not seeing it for over 30 years. I have to admit it holds a certain wacky charm that didn’t connect with me as a teenager looking for horny teens to die at the hands of a mentally challenged serial killer the size of a defensive lineman. Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is just this quirky goofball of a movie that borders on something John Waters might’ve made. I can appreciate it for that. And really, who doesn’t love this goddamn Silver Shamrock commercial? The movie’s worth watching just for this. Happy Halloween.

4 thoughts on “Shamrock Shakes

  1. Oh man. I believe this is a gem… only saw it twice, right enough – the last about 6 or 7 years ago. Like you, I appreciated it’s bonkersness a wee bit more the second time. I believe the intention was to move away from Myers and make a bunch of Halloween themed flicks, but this didn’t do too well and they obviously returned to the man Myers. Anyhoo, hope you had a spiffy Halloween, sir!

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