Stranger Things Season 2 : A Few Thoughts

I don’t normally geek out about a TV show. There’s a few shows on some select networks that give me hope for the future of the entertainment. Shows that seem to be attempting to erase years of horrible sitcoms and questionable melodramas, and that makes me happy. A few shows that I have loved over the last few years are as follows: Breaking Bad, The Americans, Sons Of Anarchy, Burn Notice, Mr. Robot, Better Call Saul, Ash Vs Evil Dead, and The Good Wife(yes, The Good Wife. Wanna make something of it, pal?) Anyways, I’m not much of a TV watcher. I haven’t paid for cable or satellite service since 2009. I stream on a Roku, baby. Netflix, Amazon Prime…that’s where its at for me. Quite a few of those shows I mentioned were Netflix or Amazon Prime binges. I bought Mr. Robot and Better Call Saul off Amazon. Those shows are that good in my opinion that I couldn’t wait for DVD or when they were available for streaming. A good show should come off like an amazing film. A seamless stream of story, character, emotional investment, beautifully shot, and wanting to stick it out with these characters for the long haul.

Amazon has shows like Transparent, Man In The High Castle, Patriot, and I Love Dick that are pushing art and television to new heights. Netflix wins it, though. The Marvel shows, House Of Cards, GLOW, Orange Is The New Black, Bloodline, The Crown, Master of None, Black Mirror, The OA, and 13 Reasons Why are solid outings and some even feel like masterpieces(I’m looking at you Master of None, The Crown, and Luke Cage.)

And then there’s Stranger Things.

The show that came from out of nowhere. It was the zeitgeist of TV watching in 2016. My son and I watched it on a whim last summer and ended up finishing it over the course of a Friday and Saturday. It hit all the notes for me, personally. It was horror, sci-fi, 80s kids adventure, suspense, mystery, and it sported a hell of a score. It took me back to my own childhood in the early 80s. Kids playing D&D in the basement, riding dirt bikes through idyllic Midwestern suburbs, Eggos, The Clash,…I could go on and on. It also reminded me of movies like Goonies, Explorers, E.T., and films album creepy scientists doing creepy things to people(I’m thinking David Cronenberg films, but without all the gooey sex stuff.) Stranger Things was a nostalgia machine and a time machine, but in the best way possible.

Stranger Things Season 2 will soon be upon us in October, and from the trailer I’d say it’s gonna be even better. Take a look:

Ghostbusters, Dragon’s Lair, “Thriller”, Halloween, blood stains, Reagan/Bush ’84, gooey crap on trees, Will seeing the Upside Down leaking into our world, and the return of Eleven?? And of course that theme music? Color me giddy.

The elements are still there. Our favorite group of middle schoolers have returned and are jumping back in to danger and mischief. This show continues to look like one hell of an 80s movie cut up into episode lengths. More labs, more blinking lights, more ominous tests, and more of the Upside Down. I love these characters and I love that the Duffer brothers know the times and care about details.

For so long the 80s were a maligned era that was remembered for neon, pegged pants, and Reagan. There was much to love about the 80s. For me it was when I grew up. Star Wars, Stephen Spielberg, GI Joe, Transformers, and then 80s hair metal. I’ve come to terms with most of it and now have a deep admiration for it all(maybe not the pegged pants, but still.) Stranger Things keeps those memories in the present for me. It also is quality creepy sci fi, and that’s a big bonus in my eyes.

Come on, October.


20 thoughts on “Stranger Things Season 2 : A Few Thoughts

      1. Oh yeah, that retro feel. I didn’t grow up in the 80s but in Germany, the 90s were full of 80s movies, so I really inhaled all those Goonies, Stand By Mes and ETs. I am not yet sure that the writing was all there in season 1 but the soundtrack, production and pretty much all props and costumes were so magical that I loved it despite the occasional clunker in dialogue.

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  1. My wife and I try and find a show we.can watch together since our tastes are so different. This series was one that we both loved.
    Many viewers that were kids in the 80’s can relate to this show, but my teen daughter loves it as well.
    It’s a great show and I love your enthusiasm, as well as the bond you and your son share.


    1. My wife and I tend to like the same shows, thankfully. There aren’t many that she won’t watch, though I like some quirky stuff at times that she’ll pass on. Oddly enough, she hasn’t watched much of Stranger Things. We need to rectify that before October.

      My 14-year old daughter loves it, too. She knows all the actors names, there whereabouts, and all the other things they’ve done. Yeah, my son and I tend to veer towards the horror/sci fi stuff. He’s grown a taste for that, which makes me feel pretty good.


  2. Love it! Your enthusiasm is shared, JH. I’m awfy excited about its return. Comes just a few weeks after Curb Your Enthusiasm, too. October is the best!


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