Watchmen : A Post-Punk Score

I would say that most definitely a highlight of 2019 for me was HBO’s Watchmen series. I felt like it captured the feel and mood of Alan Moore’s source material, while still being something completely its own. There were enough connections to the original book that it felt like easter eggs when you’d find them. […]

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Vice Principals

I’m a little late to the game, but man am I loving Jody Hill and Danny McBride’s Vice Principals. I’m slowly making my way thru the plethora of content on HBO Max, and had recently remembered the Hill/McBride shows were on HBO. When Vice Principals came out I was sort of interested in watching it, […]

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Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’

I was 10-years old when my dad bought our family’s first VCR. It was a Toshiba Betamax. November of 1984. It was the week of Thanksgiving, so our first movie rental was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had four days of food, sleeping in, and movie renting to look forward to. Our first two movie […]

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I binged all 8 episodes of Graham Reznick’s excellent new Shudder series Deadwax yesterday. Much like his music, Reznick’s new series works on several levels and reveals a bit more about itself as you go along. In the same respect, I think there are elements you shouldn’t try to understand. At times you need to just […]

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Killer Record : Obsession Turns Deadly On Graham Reznick’s New Shudder Series ‘Deadwax’

Graham Reznick works in sound. Sound design, sound editing, sound mixing, and generally making sound in film as engaging as he can. His IMDb page is long and filled with a who’s who of independent film gold, including working with childhood friend Ti West several times as well as names like Joe Begos(The Mind’s Eye), […]

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