Into The Void

Well, here we are. The marks bought it. The rubes bellied up at the bar, drank their spirits, and now it’s time to pay the barkeep. The deal has been signed with our nation’s white collar Beelzebub. The collective white males of America have signed in blood on the dotted line with the man in the fine duds and comb-over. He’s promised them greater days, millions of new jobs, a beautiful wall, safety from Muslims, and imprisonment for “crooked Hillary”. Baby birds, squawking with their beaks pointed to the sky waiting for that delicious regurgitation from mama Trump. “Squawk, squawk, squawk”. Now, now, baby birds. Mama Trump has much work to do, like hiring everyone that will be doing his job, which you hired him to do.

I believe I smell leftovers cooking. Is that the Giuliani souffle from 2001? Ooh, and I’d know that salmonella-caked Gingrich casserole from 1994 anywhere. Of course, Pence Pie is sure to curdle anyone’s gastric acids, complete with a sense of entitlement and bigotry for all. I hope you don’t mind they’ll be running things from here on out. Trump was the “Trojan Horse”, if you will. He was the gift to the working class; tired, hungry, and pissed off Americans who’d had enough of same old same old politics in Washington. This business mogul with the muppet hair and locker room tongue was going to shake things up and “make American great again”. But you see, now that you’ve opened the gate and let this gift in you’ve actually just allowed the old Guard free reign to fund more wars abroad, take away women’s rights, allow religion to embed itself into the highest hill in the nation, and to just generally fuck it all up.

But hey, you asked for it and now you’ve got it. You voted against your best interests(as well as the rest of us, mind you) in the hopes that this high-priced suit wasn’t feeding you a million(or a billion) lines. You know, like he’s made his modus operandi for the past 30+ years of shaking and jiving his was into numerous bankruptcies, lawsuits, wives, children, sexual assault allegations, frauds, business failures, and general ape shit behavior. Nah, I’m sure everything he’s told you was legitimate and true.

So while you sit around and wait for your wall, isolationism, and pending Middle Eastern wars(good for coffin makers and arms dealers, natch), the rest of us will continue to work everyday, put into the system, try to build the economy, and tell our children that this shit runs in cycles. It’ll end soon enough. Hopefully just not in burning embers and a de-regulated society where Earth resembles the Red Planet.

Into the Trump Regime we go. Into The Void.

25 thoughts on “Into The Void

      1. I had a bad feeling. We were watching hockey and after the first period, they went to commentary and somebody said that Hilary was behind, but that it was still early. I had a bad bad feeling from then on, went to bed early.

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    1. Thanks. We’ll survive…I think. This is a hard lesson we have to learn down here. Like buying a car cause it looks cool and sounds cool. Then you drive it off the lot and it sputters and dies. Or it piles into a bus full of innocent bystanders.

      Either way, we’re all paying the price. That sucks.


      1. More like buying a car that is butt ass ugly and guzzles gas like a MOFO but it has some cool ass features that have nothing to do with the function of getting from point A to point B.
        Come to California and secede with us!

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      2. Consider it, The ‘Overton Window’ has been pried open and all sorts of garbage and vitriol is gonna get aired out…stuff that has been festering for decades. Racism, bigotry and misogyny, all acceptable now.

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      3. Yes…I believe this is the part where ‘It has to get worse before it gets better’ which we’ve been expecting and anticipating for years now. We survived 8 years of GWB…granted the Repubs didn’t have the House then…but if we can weather that guy…

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  1. I think we also should thank all those brave conservative white women who helped out their dudes with a Trump vote. Without them, this wouldn’t have been possible. I think sexism, racism and homophobia really were fantastic aides to this disaster.
    I feel with every American who didn’t vote for Trump (and who didn’t protest vote) because they have to carry the burden and keep the humanity going. Man, what a day.

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    1. Thanks Bruce. I know everyone has their “Trump” in their neck of the woods. It’s not even him I’m concerned about. It’s those voices in his soon-to-be assembled cabinet that will be whispering in his ear. That’s where the danger lies.

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