Mind Out of Time and The Lords of Synth

Well I’m back at it full force at work. I’ve left the shackles of recovery nearly behind me. A very good thing, for sure. But now work is a complete cavalcade of insanity. It’s left me little time to write this week which always makes me antsy. “All work and no play, makes John something something”, or something to that affect. Either way, I’ve got lots to write about but just not at this moment. No time.

So in lieu of some whimsical stories about albums I’m going crazy over or some insightful chat with some amazing musicians(I’m hoping a Causa Sui interview will be popping up very soon), today I’m leaving you with one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a very long time. Some folks may watch this and think it’s the stupidest thing they’ve seen in a very long time, but they would be completely wrong. So, so wrong(try Donald Trump more than likely getting the Republican nomination for stupidest thing…or is that scariest?). No, this is genius. Adult Swim posted Live At The Necropolis: Lords Of Synth yesterday online, and if you’re a fan of 70s synth wizards this video will make your day. Take 10 minutes of your precious existence and watch this.

Okay, gotta get back at it. Edgar Tangram out.


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