Dreams From The Big Cloud

Well after a year and a half of messing around and noodling I’ve finally completed a new album. Some of these songs are pretty old, and one or two are a mere three months new, but for the most part these songs were written in a fit of inspiration following my wife buying me a Takamine parlor acoustic. I hadn’t had a decent playing acoustic for a, well, really forever. It was great being able to sit down and put some thought and art into an instrument and have something significant come back out at me. Well, in the sense of sitting on the porch and strumming out some tunes. That kind of inspiration is a lovely thing.

Songs like “Turn Around”, “In The Middle”, and “So Much For The Merrymakers” were written back in the summer of 2014, while “Ash Wednesday” is a song I wrote nearly five years ago. All of them have a very similar feel to me, though. It’s the usual mix of existential pondering, death and what comes after, and love shone through a cracked and eschewed view. I’m not one to lay my emotions out in plain sight. I tend to create a labyrinth of strange wordplay. I put the meaning in the center of a brier patch. You can try and reach in there and find it, but you’ll probably just end up getting poked and stung. Your best bet with me is to just make of it what you will. Make your own meaning. Dylan I am not. And I’m really pretty good with that.

I’m happy to finally put these songs out into the world. Like with most collections of songs, by the time I’m ready to give them to the universe I’ve completely moved past them and I’m onto something new. I’m excited for what’s coming next. I think people will dig it. A lot. But you can’t look to the future without making things right in the past, so Dreams From The Big Cloud is me making things right in the past. Stream it. Buy it for a few shekels if you’re so inclined. The money will go to a good cause, which is buying beer for the weekend. Or maybe some chicken nuggets for the kids. Hell, I don’t know. You’re welcomed to just stream it and check it out. No money needed. If you don’t have the cash let me know. I’ll give you a download code. I don’t care.

Happy Monday.

7 thoughts on “Dreams From The Big Cloud

  1. Thanks for sharing an insight into this, sir. I know that feeling of moving onto something new when the songs are out there … it’s a good feeling to have. Good work and good luck!

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