The Week of Weird(or how I saw that once on TV)

“What a strange week.”

“Why was it strange?”

“I don’t know. It just was.”

“Well what made it stranger than last week? Or the week before?”

“Don’t put me on the spot, man. Don’t make me explain myself.”

“Fine. Want a beer?”


I think this was a conversation I just had in my head. Well, maybe just an imagined conversation I had, anyways. The work week was crazy and busy, and this being the last week before the kids head back to school I start wondering if I did enough for them this summer.

“Maybe we should have taken them to more places.”

“Maybe I should have made them get out and exercise more.”

“What if they remember this summer as the worst yet all because I didn’t give them some amazing memories?”

“Should we have gone skydiving? Or maybe tamed a lion?”

Yeah, the neurotic mind of the self-deprecating parent. You gotta love it(no you don’t.) Anyways, it’s just been a bunch of crazy stuff going on. But I think we’ll be okay in the end. I think the kids are fine. In all honesty, between all the traveling my wife did, and my oldest daughter’s crazy work/band schedule, I think we fit in as much as we possibly could. Sunday we’ll be heading to Sandusky, Ohio for a day of fun at Cedar Point. So there’s that. Hopefully no one will get sunburnt or throw up while upside down on a rollercoaster. We’re really hoping for no vomit. Still, it’s been five years since we’ve been there so it should be a lot of fun. The last hurrah, as they say.

Been hitting the pavement quite a bit this week, what with my afternoon jog/walks. That’s kept me feeling pretty decent, actually. Between the walks I take at break at work and my afternoon jog/walks, I’ve been averaging about 15,000 steps a day, roughly 4.5 miles total walked/jogged. I do some weight training in the garage when I get back with two 35 lb dumbbells and I’m good. Really enjoying the sun beating down on me. Soon enough I’ll be back to the gym doing these routines inside as I’ll be picking up my son at school once again for the after school ride home. With all this sun my pale, ghostly skin is even getting a little dark. My wife noticed my legs were getting some color to them, which shocked the hell out of me. I’m turning my farmer’s tan into a slightly less farmer’s tan. Woo hoo!

Music-wise, I picked up the new Martin Gore LP MG on Monday. It’s pretty spectacular, really. Yes, the Depeche Mode Martin Gore. MG is an all-instrumental modular synth record. Very different from what he’s been doing with those Depeche Mode guys. I’m loving it. I will post about it very soon.

Also, in the mail today I received(finally) the first ten issues of Robert Kirkman’s Outcast comic. Kirkman, of The Walking Dead fame, started this new series last year about demonic possession. I heard him on Marc Maron’s WTF Podcast and found him to be a real down-to-earth kind of guy and thought this new comic book series sounded intriguing. I found the first ten issues still available at Midtown Comics in NYC. I signed up for a subscription at my local comic book store, Chimps Comix, and picked up issue 11 just yesterday. So I’m up to speed on the series and will read them all in the next day or two. I will be posting about this as well very soon.

I think I’ll enjoy the rest of my Mothman Black IPA and make a sandwich. Maybe watch some Netflix and call it a day. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.

What are you doing?


2 thoughts on “The Week of Weird(or how I saw that once on TV)

  1. It’s interesting how in the States the school season runs earlier than in Canada. Your kids start back next week…up here, school starts the day after Labour Day. Must be the short summer? I don’t know who decides that…
    Sounds like you’ve been busy everywhere!

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    1. Yeah, and I think it will only get worse. When I was in school(back before electricity and Donald Trump’s hair) we’d go back after Labor Day as well. Something happened in the 90s that caused a shift in the school year. They go back sooner and stay longer. I can see them going to an all-year system at some point. They might as well. Summer anymore just feels like an extended holiday.

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