Snakes For The Pantomime

It’s Thursday night and I’ve been enjoying an Imperial Stout from Boulevard Brewing Company’s Smokestack series. Corked and popped like a fine wine, it’s one of the tastier stouts I’ve had in some time. Gives me that warm feeling in the belly like a bottle of wine should, except it’s not wine. It’s beer, bitches.

I picked up a couple records today(surprise!) One I bought because this guy over in the UK thought he would use some Vulcan mind meld on me and make me buy it(he did.) The other was because I’m collecting this band’s discography and this one was available so what the hell?

Ufomommut’s Ecate was recently talked about over at my friend Joe’s site and after his description of “Italian Doom Space Rock”, well I had no choice but to order it. I listened to it twice this evening and I can say confidently it was a wise purchase. Imagine White Hills, Sleep, and Hawkwind getting together in an alternate universe and jamming until the oxygen ran out. That’s how freaking good this record is. Very happy this bloke strong-armed me into buying it.

The other purchase today was High On Fire’s Snakes For The Divine. I’m not sure when this obsession for High On Fire began. My pal gave me ‘Snakes’ a few years ago but it never really clicked. I’d look at the album cover and just think Molly Hatchet and would avoid it. Then back in 2013 I listened to the entirety of Sleep’s epic Dopesmoker and became a Matt Pike fan. I started delving into the High On Fire stuff and instantly connected to the Slayer vibe. I was really into Slayer back in high school thanks to an older brother that took me to see them in the summer of 1991. They were on the Clash of the Titan tour with Megadeth, Anthrax, and Alice In Chains. The show itself was intense, but when Slayer closed out the show, that’s when things got weird. I’d never seen a 30 foot diameter mosh pit until that night. Shoes, wallets, people were flying up from the center of it. It was incredible and frightening all at once. Hearing High On Fire brought me back to those days. Since April I’ve been collecting the High On Fire discography. Snakes For The Divine was one that I could get that wasn’t on back order. I really underestimated this one, really. Classic thrash, speed, and progressive metal. Pike sounds vicious as ever, and Des Kensel is one of the premier metal drummers working today. This record is making me very happy.

I really don’t have anything else. This imperial stout is making feel nice and happy, and the metal is making feel good and empowered. Where’s my battle axe, kids? I need to slay something! I guess another beer will do. Hope all is well in your worlds. Over and out.


13 thoughts on “Snakes For The Pantomime

  1. Can’t really go wrong with High On Fire. Matt is a character and their bass player turned me on to the Bass amp I now own, so I might be biased! 🙂 Don’t know that other release but based on the description, it must be a corker!

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      1. I’m a confirmed stout fan, but have actually been drinking lager for months, now. Your post planted the stout seed in my mind so now, it being the afternoon, and morning, when I read your post, not being an appropriate time for a beer, I am delighting my taste buds with a delicious coffee oatmeal stout called Arabica Dabra. Going, now, to sit in the watery, winter sunshine, drink my stout, and read the third instalment in Robert Sawyers excellent WWW trilogy. Cheers (:

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