Sunday Slag

fireIt’s been a pretty lazy Sunday. I mean, I’ve done stuff. I watched some of a documentary about Divine called I Am Divine. I really liked what I saw but had to shut it off as the kiddos started to wake up and they had just gotten into Divine’s history with “The Cockettes” in the film. It didn’t seem like something I wanted to explain to the children over a cup of coffee and cinnamon toast.

I went outside and mowed the 50 square feet of yard that actually had grass that needed cut. It’s been pretty dry lately and most of my yard crunches under my feet, which is fine since I didn’t really feel like playing “lawnmower man” today. No offense, Jeff Fahey.

After my ten minute mowing excursion I went over to my parent’s house to assemble a couple shelving units I was building for my daughter’s bedroom in the basement. She currently has no closet, so these will help to create one for her. It’ll make a huge difference in the room, and also a nice spot to store her giant collection of books. She collects books like I collect vinyl(that’s to say she obsessively collects books.) So I went over and drilled and nailed the units together(these were from scratch, btw. my own design. none of these kits to assemble here, fella.) I think they’ll look pretty nice once I get them sanded, primed, and painted. One step closer to an actual storage area in her room.

Once I got home from being “Johnny Carpenter” I played a little badminton in the backyard with my two youngest. I wish they would’ve discovered the joy of whacking the birdie around the backyard sooner than two days before school starts up again. It would’ve been fun building their badminton skills. We headed in as it was hot as hell out. I took a shower then made some lunch. My son and I watched the animated movie Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. Love the old Batman: The Animated Series cartoons. Some really great stuff there. When that finished I started falling asleep in my chair. That stint outside didn’t do my allergies any good. Benadryl began working its magic on me.

I grabbed a glass of iced coffee and got to work on some writing work. Now here I am, whining about Sunday slag.

Maybe it’s just that feeling that summer, for all intents and purposes, is nearly done. Another year is blowing by quicker than I have time to enjoy it. My kids are getting older(and so am I for that matter), and that means those fun, innocent days are fading. Don’t get the impression I’m depressed or anything like that. It’s not that I’m depressed, it’s just that I’m starting to stop and smell the roses a bit more these days. I realize that those roses are a bit more valuable than they used to be, and that those moments I can actually stop and take stock in all the good in my life is getting thinner and thinner as well. I guess that just means I need to savor those moments even more now, regardless of how short and infrequent they may become.

So in short, it’s been one of those days I’ve been attempting to smell the roses, despite how hard Mother Nature makes it to do so.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Slag

  1. I know the feeling. I’ve been on vacay since July 25. I go back tomorrow. Not looking forward to all the work I have ahead of me, all the emails I have to answer…students to see. I was so looking forward to summer. I don’t know what your winter was like in Indiana this year, but ours was HELL. So, I have been enjoying every minute of our very mild summer. I lived every minute of my vacation. And now it’s all over.


    1. I’m hoping the best for you. I can barely remember my computer password after being gone for a week from work. I can’t imagine being away for three weeks. I’d find it hard to remember how to get to work, let alone type in a Windows password.

      Though at least you didn’t waste any of that time off. Good for you! I tried to do the same as well. We had some nice trips and four days spent in a cabin in the woods back at the beginning of July. I can’t complain….except to say I would love maybe two more weeks of it.

      As far as our winter, it was the worst in probably 20 years. I couldn’t tell you the last time we had a snow emergency that forbade driving on the roads, but we had about three of them in January. I’m hoping there won’t be a repeat.

      Best of luck tomorrow.


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