Cozy Couches and Strummed Songs

A room with a view


Somewhere, located in this universe, is a couch. It’s a pretty regular couch. It’s one you can sit on and maybe kick back, drink a beer, and listen to some records. But unbeknownst to the naked eye this couch is something more than just a receptacle for lounging. It’s a couch that offers more than comfort. It offers up songs in the form of the folks that don this magical piece of furniture.

Within the confines of the Midwest, USA, there is a spot where a guy with a couch and a couple mics shows his appreciation for the music scene he not only loves, but is a part of, by inviting guys and gals to stop by, sit on this couch, and play a song. It’s really that simple. There’s no gimmicks, or showboating, or laser light shows, or even spitting of fire. It’s just artistry in its rawest form set out for all to see, appreciate, and possibly even love. The musicians that show up and play are guys and gals that aren’t touring acts stopping by for a publicity shoot. They’re not on their way to a theater gig, or outdoor festival. No, these are the true troubadours of independent music. They work 9 to 5s, they pay bills, they mow their lawns…you know, the real stuff. But when no one is watching they sneak off to a corner of the house and write. They pick up the acoustic in the corner of the bedroom and strum, pluck, and sing. They write what’s in their hearts, what’s on their minds, what’s trying to get out. They pack up a van and head out on the weekend and play coffeehouses, living room shows, dive bars, and basement punk rock shows. This is what they do in their free time, cause it’s all they wanna do in their free time. These are the artistic souls that stop by, sit down on the aforementioned “cozy” couch, and play a song.

Where? How? Who? What? Too many questions. All you need to know is that there’s a magical place where songs are sung, couches are sat on, and the universe stops and takes a breath for a couple minutes. What matters is that you check out the Cozy Couch Sessions and see what you’ve been missing. What matters is that you hear some artists you may not be aware of, but you certainly should be. And afterwards you’ll be a fan. Check out Cozy Couch Sessions here. And check out some of the videos below.

Midwest, yo.






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