Friday Night Jazz

DSC04364It’s back. What’s that? Well Friday night, that’s what. Strange how five days goes by quicker than four. I worked all week with no days off and it seemed to fly by in comparison to last week(I was off last Tuesday with a sick kid.) Still, I welcome thee Friday evening. I’m always glad to see you.

I’m currently sipping on a Distorter Porter by Greenbush Brewing Co in Sawyer, Michigan. According to the bottle, “A stout-ish porter with a touch of porter-ish stout.” Well, I can attest to the porter-ish tendencies that have been numbing my taste buds, but there’s some pale ale action going on here as well. Not too bad. I’m not a huge IPA person per say, but with just a citrus hint I can quite enjoy an ice cold IPA. Greenbush, you’ve got my attention. Spinning is John Coltrane’s very difficult Ascension. I think it was probably difficult for all involved except maybe John Coltrane(it was probably difficult for him, too.) For me, it sounds like an artist spilling his guts to a higher power. Like a child so excited to talk to his parent about their day, Coltrane’s horn spews forth like caffeinated screeches to the Lord almighty. I know his longtime drumming pal Elvin Jones had a real time with this record. The guy was a monster on the drums. He beat them into submission, and on this album you could hear frustration and anguish in every cymbal explosion and drum roll. I bought my copy of Ascension off the internet. It’s a first pressing from 1965 and I quite love it. Anytime I hear music played with such passion and conviction I have to appreciate it, whether I like it or not. I happen to love this album, btw. Before Ascension I spun Miles Davis’ excellent Big Fun. This is one of my personal favorites. Sure, it’s leftovers from other recording sessions, but if tracks like “Ife” and “Go Ahead John” are leftovers then sign me up for the leftover fan club. John McLaughlin in particular is amazing on this record. When I found out he played a Fender Mustang on the majority of his albums with Davis I pined for my 1977 Fender Mustang I sold a couple years ago. Oh well. Needless to say, Big Fun is one of Davis’ loosest recordings and most experimental, with eastern influences and even some psychedelic tendencies throughout.

Good stuff.

How’s your Friday night?



8 Replies to “Friday Night Jazz”

  1. Craft beer and jazz? Count me in. I flock to the IPAs and the Porters/Scotch Ales/Stouts–extreme ends of the spectrum, yin and yang–but I’m open for all jazz.

    I’m checking out a new pub in town (low expectations), but I’m meeting up with a close friend who is in town from NYC life.



    1. Excellent. Enjoy!

      I’m just now delving into the Scotch Ales and I’m loving them. Porters are a favorite. IPAs…I’m slowly but surely warming up to them. I’ve got an oatmeal stout in the fridge right now that’s quite lovely.

      With some extreme jazz like Ascension it’s a combination that can’t be beat.


  2. I was watching Wales humble France in Cardiff, in a wonderful convivial atmosphere. My dad and I met so many nice French dudes, we’ve pencilled in a return trip to watch the match in Paris next year.

    I was also clutching my newly-purchased copy of Papir IIII; curse you!


    1. Glad to hear you and your dad had a great time at the game; plus you made some friends. I am envious of your ability to jump in your car and drive a couple hours to another country. To be able to make a day trip into something of cultural significance is pretty amazing to me. Truly amazing.

      And…you snagged Papir IIII at the world’s oldest record shop. How cool is that?


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