Rated X

Miles Davis is this anomaly in the realm of jazz. While his contemporaries continued to push boundaries like him, they weren’t quite as vilified as he was when he wanted to push the boundaries of his music. I guess it’s not like Cotrane, Andrew Hill, Sun Ra, and Ornette Coleman were hailed by the jazz […]

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Jack Johnson Sessions

Still enjoying this newfound freedom I’ve discovered in this massive 25-disc Pioneer CD changer, I thought I’d break out one of my favorite CD Box sets, Miles Davis’ The Complete Jack Johnson Sessions. Back during Christmas of 2011 I’d started getting pretty heavy into Miles. I’d bought Bitches Brew, In A Silent Way, and Nefertiti […]

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Friday Night Jazz

It’s back. What’s that? Well Friday night, that’s what. Strange how five days goes by quicker than four. I worked all week with no days off and it seemed to fly by in comparison to last week(I was off last Tuesday with a sick kid.) Still, I welcome thee Friday evening. I’m always glad to […]

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Thoughts for a (Black)Friday

You know, for a Black Friday it’s pretty damn beautiful out. Brisk bordering on damn chilly, but the sun is shining like the blazing star it is. Skies are blue, with a hint of purplish hue near the horizon. Trees are bare and skeletal, showing their naked winter fashion with pride as they occasionally shake […]

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If Miles says so…

…then it shall be. I’ve got some picking up to do on this Friday evening. But that’s all right because I’ve got a couple Breakfast Stouts up in the freezer to help ease that cleaning into chill mode. No, it’s not eggs and bacon liquified and fermented over a hot Midwest summer. It’s actually a […]

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