Sunday Sunny Sunday

DSC04352If you were to look outside from my living room window you’d see bright, beautiful blue skies. The sun reflecting off the snow nearly blinding you from its overwhelming light. Yesterday it wasn’t like that. Yesterday was dreary, windy, cold, and filled with giant flakes of white that came down steadily throughout the day. Thanks to Mother Nature we now have four more inches of the white stuff on top of the already fallen 13 inches from earlier in the week.

Okay, enough already Mother Nature, Jack Frost, or Beelzebub. The snow can stop now.

Sure, I know it’s winter. This is how it’s supposed to be, right? But since the beginning of January it’s been one arctic blast after another on my great Midwest. I’m tired of it. Like right now, I’m struggling to even complete sentences in this post. Winter has kicked my ass. It’s beaten me down. Energy dwindling, spirit broken, and will to live diminishing. Maybe it’s time to close my eyes and see where I go. G’night….

Okay, I was never a good napper. This weekend came and went and now I’m looking towards another long work week. At least there was new music to listen to this weekend. Kanine Records artists Eternal Summers sent me their new album The Drop Beneath Friday. I wasn’t expecting that record to show till March. If you’re a fan of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The History of Apple Pie, and even shoegaze like Young Prisms and Lush, then you need to check this Virginia band out. Their new album is incredibly good. Speaking of Kanine Records, what a classy group of folks there. Not only do I get the beautifully colored vinyl, but I also get a fanzine, buttons, and they even included another album by a band called Country Mice. Not sure what was up with that, but I listened to some of it and it’s not half bad. Also this weekend I grabbed Diiv Oshin on vinyl. One of my favorites of 2012, it’s a druggy, dance-y record that sounds big and expansive, yet intimate at the same time. Really glad I finally got this one as the vinyl was backordered through Captured Tracks for quite some time.

It was a good weekend for music.

My son and I delved into the world of Beavis and Butthead this weekend. First we tried watching ‘Beavis and Butthead Do America’. About 15 minutes into it we shut it off. Time has done nothing but bad things to that Mike Judge 90s classic. We found the show as well and watched some of those. That seemed to translate much better than the movie. I think B&B are much better in smaller doses….much like Pixie Sticks and crack cocaine. Play-Doh was broken out as well Friday night. Creatures were made.

I also spent some time in the studio this weekend. I finished and digitally released a new e.p. yesterday under sunnydaymassacre. I will share more on this soon. Really excited about this thing. It’s four songs in 15 minutes. I also worked on some drums for The Pink Balloon Band. That was a lot of fun, and Ian of PBB is a great guy with some great tunes under his belt.

Well, that’s all I got. Think I’ll rest my eyes a bit. I’ll be back tomorrow revitalized and ready for the week.


2 Replies to “Sunday Sunny Sunday”

    1. We all prefer King of the Hill to B&B as well. Thought we’d test the B&B waters this weekend and see what would happen. I’m glad it turned out the way it did. I don’t think I could hack “Cornholio” running around my house.


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