The Vickers’ “I Don’t Know What It Is”

the vickersA few months back I heard this great new psych pop/rock band out of Italy named The Vickers. They play a great mix of classic psych pop. Think a nice mix of Sgt. Pepper and Something Else by The Kinks and you’ll have a good idea of what these guys do. But along with that classic sound, they bring to the table a modern lean on things. Sonically they mix the old and new in the studio, recording both direct to tape and using the digital realm to make these warm, all-encompassing recordings. They have yet to release a full-length record, but if these singles are any indication when they do it’s going to be one hell of an album.

Andrea, lead singer and guitarist of The Vickers sent me an email last week letting me know that they had just released a new single and video. “I Don’t Know What It Is” doesn’t disappoint. It’s another psych/pop track filled with moments of hallucinatory beauty and jazz-fueled drumming that made their last single “She’s Lost” stick in my head for days. The video is a great lo-fi piece of visual fun, harkening back to the heyday of music television.

As a bonus, you can download “I Don’t Know What It Is” for free at the band’s website. Click here to snag a digital copy.

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