Sunday Road Trip with Poppa

DSC03737Okay, I said I’d have another song to share today. Well, I can’t make good on that promise I’m afraid. I had completely forgotten about the Record and CD Show today from 1 to 6pm in Fort Wayne. These things only come around four times a year, so I really wanted to make this one. I will have something new for your ears tomorrow. I promise. For real.

So, the Record Show. If you’ve ever been to a Gun and Knife Show at a Coliseum or in a roadside tent, then you have a pretty good idea as to what the Record Show is like. Well, except far less guns and Obama-bashing(though I did hear one Obamacare comment today…as I perused some 70s Prog Rock). The event was split into two sides; one with toys and comics, while the other was music. There were CDs, cassettes, DVDs, and of course vinyl. This was my first time at one of these shindigs, so I had to feel my way through. First table I came to I snagged Cream’s Disraeli Gears and Miles Davis’ Sketches of Spain, $5 and $7 respectively. I thought “This is great! Thirty seconds in and I’ve scored!” Well, after that it got a little more few in far between, those great finds. It actually got rather overwhelming, the mounds and mounds of records to go through. Plus, I’d go into the other room and see what crazy stuff they had over there and what my kids had found. “Dad, that guy over there has real swords and a hand-held bow, like Daryl on The Walking Dead”, my son said to me. “Of course he does. He’s also got butterfly knives he’d sell you, too”, I said as my son gave me a weird look(later on the same guy that was selling katanas and cross bows was asking all the vinyl vendors if they had any Loudness records). Back to the vinyl…

So all in all, I came out really well. There was the Cream and Miles Davis records, then I found a new copy of John Coltrane’s Ole(courtesy of Morrison at Neat Neat Neat Records for $15), David Byrne’s The Catherine Wheel($6), Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express($7), and Cream’s Wheels of Fire($8). All were in great shape. Sleeves were a little rough on a couple, but the vinyl was very clean. We also spent $10 and got 15 Hot Wheels cars(various sizes and weirdness). The younglings were thrilled.

After we left there we headed to Half Price Books and the kiddos picked out some books for the ride home. It was a good day, despite not sharing that new Cambodia Highball ear candy.

Hope your Sunday went well…and I hope that dude found some Loudness for God’s sake.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Road Trip with Poppa

  1. Cute kids! Nice work on the Coltrane, Miles, Kraftwerk & Cream! Are you from IN, then? I used to live in the midwest, until i didn’t anymore. I’m a little jealous of the foliage yr undoubtedly beginning to enjoy.


    1. Thanks. It’s great having kids that humor me and my record hunting. I was really happy to snag those Cream records. They’ve been a long time coming. Miles, Coltrane, Kraftwerk…all classics in my book.

      I indeed hail from Indiana. This is my favorite time of year. Looking forward to October and the oranges, browns, and reds.


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