To Here Knows When


I’ve been listening to the My Bloody Valentine remasters a lot lately. So much so that I’m actually starting to tell the difference between disc one(remastered from the original tape) and disc two(mastered from the original 1/2 inch analogue tapes) of ‘Loveless’. I’m preferring disc two. It seems to be more prominent in the mid-range, which allows the drums and vocals to come out of the mix better. You can actually hear the percussion in “To Here Knows When” throughout, where as in the original you don’t really hear it till about midway through. And “When You Sleep” seems to sound like more of a straight up pop song. That is, a hallucinogenic pop song.

Anyways, it’s taken me a year since I bought these to really delve into the differences in the new masters. The price tag for the set put me in a state of temporary shock that didn’t allow me to truly appreciate the good stuff that was on these discs. The sting has long left, so now I get to truly enjoy Kevin Shields’ mad genius.

The B-sides and EP collection is a wondrous thing as well, and worth the price of admission itself.

Okay, back to it.

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