The Treehouse

A few months back I grabbed the soundtrack to a Belgian horror film called Cub. Not because I was particularly interested in the film(though I do plan on seeing it at some point), but because it was another film soundtrack by Zombi keyboardist/bassist Steve Moore. Moore has been making horror/progressive/futurist music with drummer Anthony Paterra […]

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No One Will Ever Love You

A couple of months ago I came across this great 12″ split by Antoni Maoivvi and a project called Slasher Film Festival Strategy. My friend John at Karma Records of Warsaw told me on Black Friday that he had this split arriving in the afternoon and that he thought I’d really dig it. I had […]

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Zombi : Shape Shift

Listening to the heavy synth band Zombi is like zoning out to the opening credits of some imaginary sci fi or horror film. As you listen to the synth strings well up and overpower the mix, and the Neil Peart-like precision of the drums you can almost picture some imaginary scene of intense space flight. […]

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Jakob Skott :: Taurus Rising

Way back in March of this year, amongst one of the coldest and harshest Midwestern winters in recent memory I happened across this guy named Jakob Skott. He’s the co-founder and drummer of the Danish psych band Causa Sui. Not only that, but he’s the co-founder of El Paraiso Records, the record company that puts […]

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