Mythic Sunship Return With ‘Another Shape of Psychedelic Music’; Share “Elevation”

Earlier this year the Danish quartet Mythic Sunship released their third LP for El Paraiso Records, titled Upheaval. Upheaval is still one of my favorite albums from 2018, and a juggernaut of raw, pummeling improvisational riffing. Now if you’d been keeping track, this is the young-ish Danish band’s third album since 2016. They debuted with […]

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Sleep : The Sciences

For the longest time Sleep were more legend than reality. A trio of young California stoners in the late 80s/early 90s that worshiped at the alter of Black Sabbath, fueled by massive amounts of the best bud little money could buy, started a whole new genre of music: stoner metal. Matt Pike, Al Cisneros, and […]

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Mythic Sunship : Land Between Rivers

Mythic Sunship seem to have appeared out of some ancient musical text. Through sounds and textures as old as weathered folklore and whispers under the breath in the shadows of centuries-old mountaintops, these Danish musicians make music both primitive and not of this earth. Like thunder clapping in the distance, their new album Land Between […]

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