Gimme Fiction

I used to read all the time. Sometimes I’d have two or three books going at the same time, jumping back and forth from Kurt Vonnegut, Stephen King, and Howard Zinn like I was some vernacular juggler in a literature tight wire act. Reading a book satiated a certain appetite in me that nothing else […]

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Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep

I grew up knowing The Shining as a Stanley Kubrick film that scared the hell out of me, even in “Edited For Television” form. The desolation of the Overlook Hotel, the jittery but optimistic mother, the alcoholic father slowly losing his mind to the ghosts that resided there, and the strange little boy named Danny […]

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Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’

I was 10-years old when my dad bought our family’s first VCR. It was a Toshiba Betamax. November of 1984. It was the week of Thanksgiving, so our first movie rental was the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We had four days of food, sleeping in, and movie renting to look forward to. Our first two movie […]

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A Fistful Of Dolarhyde

Growing up, there were two very important libraries in my life. The first was the Nappanee Public Library. This was not my local library, but it was where my grandma Hubner worked. Every week my dad would go over to visit my grandma and do whatever work needed done around the house. He’d pay her […]

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