Purling Hiss : Drag On Girard

Purling Hiss formed in 2009 as an outlet for Philly musician Mike Polizze’s solo work. Polizze was already an established musician in the Philly band Birds of Maya. After putting a band together to open for Kurt Vile and the Violators, Vile encouraged Polizze to put a full-time band together for Purling Hiss so they […]

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“It’s Not Supposed To Be Easy” : A Conversation With Jeremy Porter Of Jeremy Porter & The Tucos

Once in a while I get the privilege to help promote a cool local show that’s happening in my general vicinity. In doing so I get to chat with some pretty amazing rock and roll road warriors. Long haulers touring the highways and byways of the great Midwest in search of cool stages located in […]

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Stephen Malkmus : Groove Denied

Listen, you’re either born with the Stephen Malkmus gene or you’re not. If you are, then your musical life is that much richer for it. Deep-diving into Pavement and the post-2001 Malkmus solo world can only be just short of life-changing for that Malkmus-starved brain just discovering the lanky indie rock pied piper for the […]

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Kurt Vile : Bottle It In

Kurt Vile works in a frequency of his own making. You listen to his records and you hear an awkward and shy guy stepping out of his shell for however long that song takes. He’s confident within the worlds his songs inhabit, and really that’s where it counts. You can be an introverted guy or […]

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Landing : Bells In New Towns

Connecticut’s Landing are a band that seem to evolve and reshape with every new album. On their 2015 El Paraiso Records debut Third Sight it was a slightly psychedelic, slightly ambient affair with hints of delicate dream pop thrown in for good measure. But the velveteen hushes on that great album were just a fraction […]

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Real Estate : In Mind

Real Estate have always come across as indifferent to the world around them. They seem to be completely aware of the what’s going on, but despite the good and bad that comes crashing down all around they breezily strum and sing their songs of nostalgic navel gazing and pining for something they may never get. […]

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