Isvisible/Isinvisible : Moon-White Water

On Moon-White Water, Simon Pott’s fifth LP under the name Isvisible/Isinvisible, he seems to find that perfect balance between man and machine. Working once again like a sonic wizard with modular synths, vintage effects, and no overdubs, Pott builds buzzing worlds on Moon-White Water. Despite the improvisational and free-form nature of his work, Isvisible/Isinvisible’s sound […]

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Complex Distractions Presents : Favorite Albums Of 2020(Part One)

Boy, I never thought the end of 2020 would get here. It seemed like five years rolled into one. Between Covid-19, isolation, quarantining, everything being closed, no concerts, weird work situations, family all home for at-home schooling, and a summer that felt like an extension of spring. Of course there was the election, anti-maskers, conspiracy […]

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Gyan Rosling : Embrace

There’s something ethereal and free-spirited about Gyan Rosling’s Burning Witches Records debut Embrace. The neon-eighties tilt, the airy synths, and the ‘Dance Party USA’-like percussive hits all come together like a swath of nostalgia that hit you direct in the face. Embrace is a time machine of an album that drops us right into 1986, […]

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Deadly Avenger & Si Begg : Yokai

Yokai: “a class of supernatural monsters, spirits, and demons in Japanese folklore. The word yōkai is made up of the kanji for “bewitching; attractive; calamity” and “spectre; apparition; mystery; suspicious.” Yokai is also the name of the newest release from musician/producer Deadly Avenger(aka Damon Baxter) and musician/producer Si Begg courtesy of the always excellent Burning Witches […]

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Hunter Complex : Rain In Europe

Lars Meijer has had a pretty amazing song cycle over the last nearly two years. It started in early 2019 with the release of Open Sea on Death Waltz Originals. Then just two months ago he dropped that album’s follow-up, Dead Calm and Zero Degrees on Burning Witches Records. The songs from both LPs were […]

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