Mr. Eff : Eyes Down

New York, 1981. Times Square was still littered with drug deals, porno theaters, and a general sense post-apocalyptic urban decay. By this point even Travis Bickle had said the hell with it, parked the cab, and moved to the suburbs. The “Big Apple” was indeed rotting to the core. It’d be several years before Giuliani […]

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Galactic Protector : Evening

There’s truly something quite magical about Galactic Protector’s debut album Evening. It’s made much in the same fashion as a lot of electronic/synth-heavy records are; human in a room with synthesizers, drum machines, and recording device. Ideas based around futuristic worlds and epic struggles put to music. But with Bryan Richie(bass/keys player for rockers The […]

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The Sword’s Bryan Richie Introduces Galactic Protector; ‘Evening’ Out June 28th

Bryan Richie makes low end thunder and otherworldly noise as bass and keys player in Texas metal titans The Sword. The storytelling and sci-fi/fantasy vibes make The Sword a band you can get lost in. Imagine a Frank Frazetta painting in music form; chromed-out cod pieces, blood-red skies, and the battle cry of warriors taking […]

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worriedaboutsatan : revenant

worriedaboutsatan work between the lines. They build quietly, methodically, and with great intention. The musical world of Thomas Ragsdale and Gavin Miller is all about subtlety and nuance, with a quiet dread just under the surface that’s never explained, just understood. Dense electronic music with hints of techno, post-rock, ambient, and downtempo, worriedaboutsatan set a […]

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