Record Cleaning For The Soul

Lately I’ve found a lot of comfort in cleaning my record collection. Maybe it’s just a distraction for a tired brain, or maybe it’s my anal-retentive, OCD tendencies up to their old tricks. Or possibly it’s just as simple as records need cleaned regardless of how shiny they look on the surface. Even those brand […]

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Birthday Boi

Today I turn 48 years old. Two years away from 50. Getting older has never really bothered me. I’ve always felt like an old person in a young person’s body anyways. Not in a Freaky Friday, Vice Versa, Like Father Like Son sort of way, but more in the Benjamin Buttons sort of way. But […]

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Birthdays are for children and dogs

The only birthdays that matter are for children and dogs. Birthdays for adults just seem like obligations. Obligations for you to accept that you’re a year older, and obligations for those around you to acknowledge that year milestone by saying “Happy birthday, you old so n so!”. Or even worse at work where the obligation, […]

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Today I turn 44 years old. I don’t feel much different from 43. Some days I feel like I’m 26. Other days I feel like I should be retired and taking chondroitin with my prune juice and egg whites in the morning. Tomorrow I’ll probably feel feeble and in my 80s because I worked in […]

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Ten Years Gone

I can’t believe how fast the last ten years have gone by.  That’s no more apparent than when I look at my kids.  We celebrated our oldest daughter turning 13 last week.  A milestone in the life of a kid.  The kid turns to a teen, and the parent turns slightly less cool than they […]

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