Wild Nothing : Indigo

Jack Tatum has a way with songwriting. He’s proven that since the beginning. Since way back in 2010 when Tatum was recording these dreamy, hazy pop songs in his bedroom that ended up being Wild Nothing’s debut Gemini. On that album the lo-fi aspect of the recordings added a touch of mystery to the proceedings, […]

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“More John Hughes Than John Carpenter” : A Talk With Composer Cory Kilduff

Cory Kilduff was an 80s kid, so that means he was raised on a steady diet of Stephen Spielberg, John Williams, and synth pop. He also developed a fear of clowns(thanks, Poltergeist), a passion for skateboarding, and was changed by Nirvana’s Bleach.¬†Kilduff grew up in Texas in the suburbs, which just outside the city limits […]

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Stranger Danger

I was a worry wart as a kid. I’m a worry wort as an adult, but I was a lot worse when I was much younger. “There’s a thunderstorm warning, which could lead to a tornado watch which could easily become a tornado warning…we’re all going to die tonight in our sleep”, I would usually […]

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Pink Fink : Pink Fink

Can someone help me? I seem to be stuck in some strange dimension called the 80s. I, I think I’m in a hallway. The walls are covered in neon paint and the floors seem to be black and purple squares leading me to a dank, dark room where strange noises are emanating. The noises are […]

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Taking It All Too Hard

I can remember for a good portion of my childhood (at least that portion that didn’t include a cassette player in my bedroom or in the car) that radio was my friendly companion. From driving from our home to my grandma’s house 30 miles away to just driving into town to get groceries or my […]

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Stranger Things To Come

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or you don’t stream Netflix you’ve probably heard of or watched the new series Stranger Things. It’s one of those shows that’s seemed to have captured and encapsulated a chunk of time that so many folks my age(I’m 42, btw) hold close to us and romanticize a bit. […]

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Mix Tape Masterpiece

I recently acquired my parents old Sanyo dual cassette deck for the purpose of listening to some Debt of Nature cassettes that I happily received in the mail a couple of months ago. Since they hit the mail box I have listened to a couple in the family van as that 2004 relic still has […]

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