So Many Erotic Nightmares

When I was little I used to tag along with my mom quite a bit. During summer break my brother usually had a friend to hang out with or ball practice to be at, so when my mom wanted to go to my grandma’s or clothes shopping or just out of the damn house I […]

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“restless dreams of youth”

I hit the Rush discography pretty hard this past weekend. In light of the passing of the amazing drummer/lyricist Neil Peart I was compelled to jump down the Lee/Lifeson/Peart rabbit hole and see if I’d come the other side the same. It’s been awhile since I binged my favorite prog rock Canadians, and I have […]

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Two Fools A Minute

The 80s were a tumultuous time. The threat of nuclear war loomed over our heads thanks to the Reagan/Gorbachev dog and pony show, somebody shot J.R(apparently), pegged pants were all the rage, something about Iran and the Contras, neon became a thing, and the Battle of the Network Stars was cancelled. But probably the most […]

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The Only Christmas Album You Need : Vince Guaraldi Trio’s ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’

Growing up in the Midwest Christmas was always a special time to me. The family gatherings, the mysterious gifts that appeared under the tree, the spirits both in the air and in my parents glasses, and of course the true reason for the season. There was a mix of happiness and bittersweet, as you thought […]

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…And Justice For All : 30 Years On

…And Justice For All was both Metallica’s shining achievement and also the straw that broke the band’s back. It was their most intricate, complicated, and progressive album of music, but also their most stunted collection of tunes. If the record had a face, it would be frozen in a perpetual scowl, seething at everyone else’s […]

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Red Chevy Nova

I was heading into my sophomore year of high school when I discovered the Canadian power trio Rush. It was a pretty natural progression into Geddy, Alex, and Neil’s thoughtful, intellectual, and technical brand of progressive rock. I had been playing guitar for a little over three years and was winding down on that whole […]

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So by the time Van Halen’s 1984, or MCMLXXXIV was released in January of that year and you were a fan of Van Halen you were pretty much in one camp or another. You either dug the heavier synthesizer trip Eddie was taking and liked that at times they were starting to sound like Asia, […]