Mr. Bungle’s “Loss Of Control”

If you had told me in 1991 that Mike Patton would eventually do a spot-on cover of Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control” fronting Mr. Bungle with Scott Ian on rhythm guitar and Dave Lombardo on drums I’d tell you you were crazy. “You’re crazy!” I’d say, then storm off to my 4pm-7pm shift at Penguin Point serving the troglodytes of the Lake City their Pointers, Big Wallys, and deep fried chicken boxes. Because when I bought Mr. Bungle’s debut in 1991 I was working in one of northern Indiana’s finest fast food establishments.

Back then, the thought of Mike Patton singing the titular classic VH deep album cut “Loss Of Control” from Women and Children First seemed absolutely ludicrous. Patton was the last guy I could imagine giving a nod of the hat to a band that seemingly spawned an entire genre of mainstream party rock, or frat rock(or cock rock if you’re so inclined.) Of course, in hindsight that wasn’t true at all. I’ve found my way back around to the Van Halen camp in my middle age, but when I was 17 they were the antithesis of what I was into as a senior in high school.

I was definitely a Faith No More fan and Patton and crew were like outsider art compared to the scene Van Halen cultivated in the late 70s and early 80s. And Mr. Bungle? Well they made Faith No More seem like Swing Out Sister. That debut? I still hear the opening lines to “Squeeze Me Macaroni” echoing in my head at inopportune times(“I wanna lock Betty Crocker in the kitchen/And knock her upper during supper/Clutter up her butter gutter/Said a hostess Ding Dong/ wrapped an egg roll around my wong/While Dolly Madison proceeded to ping my pong“)

The point of all this nonsense is that Mr. Bungle did indeed cover Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control”, and not in some ironic way. They locked into it and they tore that shit up. And in case you didn’t know, Mr. Bungle does indeed sport Mr. Dave Lombardo on drums and Mr. Scott Ian on rhythm guitar and they are unbelievable. This is a thrash metal kid’s dream team band, man, and “Loss Of Control” is probably one of the heaviest Van Halen tracks put to tape(except for maybe “Atomic Punk”, “D.O.A.”, or “House Of Pain”.)

So if you haven’t heard this yet, hit play below and bask in the glory that is Mr. Bungle covering Van Halen’s “Loss Of Control”. Happy Tuesday.

8 thoughts on “Mr. Bungle’s “Loss Of Control”

  1. That’s helluva good. In general, I actually like Mr. Bungle more than I like Faith No More. They have a wee bit more going on. Though I do play Sol Invictus a helluva lot. Anyhoo, this is a real treat (though Patton’s hair is distracting).

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