Complex Distractions Presents ‘Flyover Sounds’

I’ve been writing about music for almost nine years now. I started this site in December of 2011. Within these nine years I’ve spent an ample amount of time talking about “local” bands. Bands and artists that while may not live in my zip code, I could easily meet them for coffee or a beer within an hour’s drive. There’s lots of amazing bands that have come and gone in the time I’ve spent writing about music, movies, books, and my existential dread since 2011. I feel now is the time where I dedicate a column for just those guys and gals that haunt the Midwestern cornfields, highways, and county roads of Northeast Indiana.

Welcome to Flyover Sounds.

There was a time when I was that Midwest guy making albums in his basement and sending cassettes and CD-Rs off to local mags and record labels that might actually give a shit about what I had to say and sing. For me Whatzup magazine was the place I’d send my songs to in the hopes of a DM Jones or Greg W. Locke write up. Those “Spins” reviews were what I looked forward to the most. In my eyes and brain that legitimized what I was doing on Saturdays and Sundays in my basement while my wife watched Baby Einstein videos upstairs with restless toddlers in the hopes I’d get back upstairs in time before the calm ended.

Having someone out there that would really listen to your work, that’s an integral part of the creative process. Sure, there’s art for the artist. But I don’t know very many painters or bands that go thru the process of writing and creating only to be satisfied with just making it then putting it away. The connection with others is just as important. As much as an artist says they don’t need validation for their work, it is appreciated nonetheless. Coming from a pseudo-artist, anyways.

So welcome to Flyover Sounds. Once or twice a month I’ll be featuring a local Midwest artist that has made an impact on me. It’ll mostly be Indiana artists, but not limited to Indiana artists. If you live in Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky, or southern Indiana and you think I might like what you’re doing, email me a link to your songs. I will respond. I will listen. I can’t promise it’ll be my thing necessarily, but I will give your work a listen. If I dig it, I’ll write about it.

So tune in Friday, September 18th for the very first Flyover Sounds post. One of hopefully many. Midwest peeps, keep writing, creating, reaching, and going for it. I have two ears with only minimal hearing damage and a love for the creative process. Let me hear your heart.


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