Jakob Skøtt’s Way Out Sounds : A Guide To The Musical World of Jakob Skøtt

When one of my favorite modern musicians is ready to drop a new album, I can’t help but get excited about it. There’s so little to be excited about nowadays, anyways. Climate change deniers, flat earth society(there’s a whole society of those bastards), California fires, Brexit, tear gas being shot at children in diapers…I mean, do I need to go on? So when something genuinely good is happening in the world of art, film, music, or literature I want to just soak it up a bit.

This week is a great week for music as one of my absolute favorite artists, the drummer/synth extraordinaire Mr. Jakob Skøtt, is dropping a new album. This Friday Instrumentality will hit your ears in physical and digital realms and you want to make sure you take that hit. This album is one of Skøtt’s absolute best, combining the bubbly warmth of his debut solo LP, 2012s Doppler, with the kinetic drum n’ synth groove fests like Amor Fati, Taurus Rising, and All The Colours of The Dust. There’s also a nice dose of sci fi goodness, much like his previous LPs. Though there’s never a narrative that Jakob is writing along to, each record is very cohesive like a unifying story. When I listen to 2014s Amor Fati I always imagine some dystopian, futuristic tale. Like a cross between The Martian Chronicles and VALIS, put to music by Tony Williams fronting a band of self aware androids. Completely engaging and one of a kind.

So you say you’re new to the world of Jakob Skøtt? Well then good thing I’m here looking out for you. I’ve taken the liberty of putting together a Spotify playlist with what I consider Skøtt’s best work yet. Of course, it’s pretty much everything, but I’ve curated it for the maximum listening experience. This will be a good primer for you before Friday rolls around and Instrumentality is ready to completely blow your mind.

Enjoy the playlist below, and share with friends and family(just not that weird uncle of yours. Not him.)

2 thoughts on “Jakob Skøtt’s Way Out Sounds : A Guide To The Musical World of Jakob Skøtt

  1. A whole lot there to enjoy, man. I’ll get that filling the rooms of the house and brain over the next few days.

    New album sitting on the list, but I’m hoping to at least get it streamed on Friday.

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