New Wormhole…Same As The Old Wormhole

So let’s say you had a time machine and you could go back to any point in your life, where would you go? Would you go back and right some wrongs? Would you change some choices you made in your life that might have a profound effect on your future? Would you buy up some Microsoft stock back in the early 80s?

Would they be selfless changes or selfish ones?

Could you take the chance of altering your existence in such a way that you yourself may seem unrecognizable by the time all things are said and done?

Me? What would I change? I can’t say I’d change anything, really. There’s not one great thing that’s happened in my life that I’d ever want to take the chance of undoing all because of a bad choice I made a lifetime ago. Meeting my wife, my friends, being a father to three incredible kids, and all the adventures(some better than others) that come with that territory. And all the jobs I’ve had, regardless of how big or small they were, have had an integral part in making me who I am today. Even cleaning chickens and washing dishes at a lousy restaurant made me a solid individual(and pushed me to find something better.) And really, all the lousy moments that have happened in my life don’t come close to outnumbering the good.

In the end, the scorched earth left in the wake of those shit moments always ended up greening up again and something good came from them. As cliche as it may sound I’ve become a little smarter, wiser, and centered because of those bad times.

IMG_1984What’s with all the time machine talk? I recently picked up the Synchronicity S/T by Ben Lovett via Mondo. Synchronicity is an indie sci fi film written and directed by Jacob Gentry. It’s about a physicist played by Chad McKnight who becomes worried that people are trying to steal his technology, in particular a beautiful young woman who has appeared into his life suddenly. He travels back in time 5 days previously so he can learn more about her. In doing so, these time traveling moments create temporary wormholes that lead to parallel universes. The mysterious woman reveals that she is indeed working with someone to steal the scientists tech, but becomes romantically connected to McKnight’s scientist. McKnight’s character begins searching through these wormholes to find a parallel universe where he and the mysterious woman can live together happily. Of course, opening multiple wormholes begins a chain reaction that causes a rift in the laws of space-time.

IMG_1985The soundtrack, beautifully constructed and performed by Ben Lovett, is just as exquisite and deep as the film. Dramatic arcs, spacey synth textures, and a neo-futuristic vibe that mixes Vangelis’ Blade Runner motifs and Tangerine Dream’s sonic ambient haze with more modern electronic flair. John Carpenter’s work floats within the arpeggiated synth notes, as does the cinematic flair of Cliff Martinez. It’s a stunning record on its own, but within the context of the film its an astoundingly essential ingredient to the film’s success.

Rob’s Maniac S/T, as well as Kreng’s Cooties S/T are other examples where recent films have benefited greatly from the masterful ears and vision of an amazing composer. Or Sinoia Caves’ Beyond The Black Rainbow is another instance where the score gave so much more depth to a director’s visual flair. Ben Lovett has created an aural universe to Gentry’s visual one. The story doesn’t necessarily even have to add up as long as our senses are enlightened. Fortunately, even for being a small indie film Gentry creates a solid narrative here and has given the film a beautifully crafted look. Lovett’s score is the icing on the time-traveling cake.

So, key tracks on this excellent s/t? They’re all key, really. But the short but sweet “First Wormhole” sounds like Vangelis being engulfed by Tangerine Dream, while “Variables” floats along a cloud of Edgar Froese dreams. “Absence Of Paradox” feels like both old and new John Carpenter in its bouncy synth structures and Juno bass bubbling. The Gothic flair only adds to that vibe. “Concurrent Reality” has the feeling looking into an endless abyss and slowing being pulled into it, while “Time Travel” builds and floats on a cloud of expectation.

It’s a stunning record, and Ben Lovett is someone I will be paying close attention to from here on out.

FullSizeRender (100)I still stand by what I said regarding a time machine. I have no reason to change anything. And if I did I’d never take the chance of altering my life as it is now all for fixing one dumb decision.

Even if that dumb decision was as bad as wearing an acid-washed jean jacket on the first day of my sophomore year in high school. Who know how many cool points I cost myself.



11 thoughts on “New Wormhole…Same As The Old Wormhole

  1. This sounds great (movie and soundtrack). I’ve spotted the movie on Netflix, so I’ve gone and added it to the list now. I’ve actually often thought about what the whole time machine thing and I probably agree with you – I wouldn’t risk altering how things are just now for a mistake or two. Maybe it’s one for younger folks. Or bitter old folks. Though, I don’t think time machines will ever exist – if they did we would have heard about a time traveller by now, right?

    Anyhoo, what was I saying? Oh yeah, this sounds like a goody. I’ll check the moviefilm out pronto and add the soundtrack to the ever growing list!

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    1. If they do indeed exist it’s probably hidden away in some secret military base being used for evil purposes. Hell, maybe because someone went mucking up the past that’s why we’re currently dealing with the whole Trump mess.

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      1. … that’s awfy unfortunate. He was over our way yesterday making crazy statements (no surprises there, huh?). What’s gone wrong there can only be blamed on military wormhole / time travel experimentation.

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  2. Oh no, I’m far too lust-ridden ever to be trusted with a time machine. I’m afraid I wouldn’t be using it to further humanity’s greatest goals, just to (CENSORED BY THE TIME & DECENCY POLICE) all night long!

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